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Colt 45

Article about: Here is one of my Colt 45's, used occasionally on the range, but not too often as its one of the cleanest I have seen.

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    Two very nice 45's ,
    I do find the double diamond walnut grips on the first one a little odd though should they not have been phased out by that year and have the standard grips like the one shown on the second 45 ?
    Unless I am mistaken the second 45 with serial number 1997414 was manufactured for Colt by Remington Rand and dates from 1944.
    A little tid bit of interesting information regarding the discoloration of the slider and muzzle end that is very noticeable on the second 45 Beginning in 1940, the slideís muzzle end was hardened after the finish was applied but a color mis-match was suppose to be rejected.
    From 1942 to 1945 all 1911A1 pistols should show a slight to very noticed mismatch of coloring on the muzzle end of slide, and from 1943 the slide lock notch area should also show some discoloration from hardening after the pistolís finish was applied.

    Regards Mark K

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    it might be a situation that during war production, If it works and is reliable use it. The first one looks like replacement grips too me. Some re-Arsenaled guns were like carbines. All parts within spec. were used.
    Hard to say where they were stored and what condition they were in when put that way. You are right about the hardening thing. But you know war time. It is like enfields that were painted instead of blued I guess. Just my thoughts.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    I was going to comment on the grips also and mention the serial # range of the first one

    The condition of the first pistol is amazing. WWII 45 autos are very cool.

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    The grips came with the gun and it was a real sleeper. No one knew it was there until the owner passed away and it was found with a Luger and a P.38.

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    Amazing example of an iconic weapon, man I would to fire one of those babies.
    Thanks for showing it.


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    Wow amazing condition this is the next gun on my list, since I turn 21 in April I hope a 1911 will be my first handgun.

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    True beauties and one of the best combat handguns of all time - if not THE greatest.

    Thanks for posting more of your guns.

    Lars, about the 'beaver tail' or grip safety configuration (you quite correctly refer to it as a beaver tail, as that is the moden nomenclature for it especially with modern and/or customized guns):

    1911 &1911A1.
    The new version received a modified type classification, M1911A1. Changes to the original design were minor and consisted amongst others of a shorter trigger, cutouts in the frame behind the trigger, an arched mainspring housing, a longer grip safety spur (to prevent hammer bite), a wider front sight and simplified grip checkering by eliminating the "Double Diamond" reliefs. No significant internal changes were made, and parts remained interchangeable between the two.

    (Random pic from interweb).

    I've shot many thousands of rounds with each configuration and I - like many (most?) modern shooters prefer the straight mainspring housing. It gives a different angle and hold.
    Most modern 1911 renditions - both factory, semi-custom and all-out custom guns - have reverted to the straight mainspring housing both for actual combat guns and guns for fast and furious sporting purposes like IPSC.

    Must dash - have to go watch 'The Wild Bunch' now. I blame this thread.

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