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A couple of machine guns

Article about: Why do they find these two MG`S so interesting ?

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    The flying boots he was wearing at the time of his death are on display in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. They went their seperate ways as war trophies at the time he went down, and after many years were reunited again on display in Canberra, one boot is in very good condition, the other is a bit knocked around, as it wasn't that well cared for, but they are now back together again !

    (Some one who lives in Canberra and visits the Memorial might like to post some photos of them perhaps).


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    I just tried a google search and came up with this....


    Control column of von Richthofen's Fokker Triplane, 425/17

    Australian War Memorial

    You may wish to download a 500 pixel version of this image

    "Within a day of being recovered from its crash site, most of Richthofen' s plane had 'disappeared', leaving little more than a frame. Among the items later handed over to the Australian War Records Section (in this case by Lieutenant W. J. Warneford, the Equipment Officer of 3 Squadron AFC who had salvaged the plane) was the control column.
    The photo immediately above shows the top control section of the column, which has been twisted to the right, and the left auxilary throttle handle, which has broken off its housing. This damage is likely to have occurred at the moment of impact. Contemporary accounts of the crash specifically state that Richthofen's hands were so firmly gripped around the handles of his control column that they had to be prised off."

    Manfred von Richthofen artifacts at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra

    von Richthofen's flying boots, only recently paired together

    Photo: Charles Hart from the website WWI Modeling Page Has Moved!

    You may wish to download a 500 pixel version of this image

    Manfred von Richthofen's flying hood

    Authenticity unknown but of the period. Image ex 'Webshots'

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    and the photos that go with the above posting...

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    Those are great pictures,thanks.

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    Is that not capt.Roy Brown on the left?

    Btw..the Military institute in Toronto Canada has at least one of those machine guns, the seat from the tri-plane, and various structural parts..

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    I have seen other pictures of the Red Barons aircraft with these two men looking over the MG,s.There are other pictures of him being displayed in a tent. There was a book on the Baron that had pictuires of him being buried with in a French church yard. He was later removed to Germany by H.Goering . Cobra

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    dam im to late with my awnser. I remeber see that pic in an autobiography i read abot richtofen

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