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Cut Down Lee Enfield

Article about: I am still 100% certain that this was a RE modified weapon. The fact that the picture is taken in the Hill 60 museum where mining was at its peak would back this up. Sappers cut them down be

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    I'm no weapons expert, but, if this was cut down as a training example...why take the time to shape the front of the stock like that? It has many marks on it like it was tooled by hand.
    Were these not typically made from walnut? To shape walnut like that would be a serious pain in the ass. It looks like it has been shaped for the other hand, so it would have been held by two hands. I agree that holding this like a pistol would have seen nothing but broken wrists and thumbs.
    Could this have not been hip fired with the .410 shotgun shells?
    I'm just guessing.

    ..and I have to say, this is one interesting discussion here

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    Hi to all,
    look on this forum! It was used on the universal carriers!

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    yup...understood loud and clear the whole thread, a few times to make my assumption. I found the entire thread very interesting. It is amazing to hear stories from so many who have fired all different variations of the Enfield and their opinions on firing this bad boy. I didn't realize that everyone had finished and agreed that it was used for smoke discharge from a MkII carrier.
    I'm looking at the cut down pictures from the other forum, and I see how I would expect a stock to be cut...flat, not tooled. Perpendicular to the barrel.Why engineer the thing for ergonomics especially when the triggering mechanism was a cord? Did I not read that correctly? I also see around the stock cut closer to the action in the other forum. Why is it drastically different by a few inches? Did crewmen make these all themselves? Was it included in the vehicle when produced?
    I thought this was found at Hill 62 as a relic? Am I not thinking this right that Hill 62 was part of Ypres Salient? Was the MkII Carrier used in 1916? Did one of the brothers operating the museum pick this up some place else? Is it even a WW1 weapon? So many questions is what makes this interesting.
    I was under the assumption that it 'could' be possible for this to be used for something a shotgun for clearing a trench. Yup, it would kick like a mule, I agree, but is it possible?
    Hurry up, and wait. That's how my Great Uncle Wallace described WW1 trench fighting. I can see a troop being bored and trying this out. I can see it being fired with .303 cartridges with a lesser charge. I can see it fired with the .410 shell. I can see not every troop on a raiding party wanting just a pistol and a few Mills bombs.
    I just though there could be more possibilities?

    Could there not be more possibilities? Look at how many experts are discussing this thread. I think there could be a few more ideas. All ideas seem possible thus far...

    training aid
    trench weapon
    a scare tactic
    conversation piece
    nothing but trench art
    maybe not even real, maybe fiction
    Star Wars

    Apologies to all for dragging out the thread... it's interesting

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    The countryside of Belgium was fought over again in WWII so it is possible that the cut down relic was from either war. Of course Brencarriers were only introduced in WWII, but if one was blown up and abandones the locals could have looted it for souvineers. In Normandy I could take you to two sheds that have complete carriers and many other things as well. John.

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    Oh, I wish one bren carrier. But I havnīt enought money.

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    How cool would that be?
    ...are they Canadian or British Bren Gun Carriers?
    any chance of some pictures? there a Enfield cut down in it...???

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    I have a friend who had a cut down Springfield 30.06. It had to be
    held 2 handed at the Hip. Similar to shooting a shotgun from the hip.
    I watched him try to fire it once onehanded pistol style. It dislocated
    his shoulder.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    The rifle ammo is wery strong. Look what happened when we are firing blank ammo from Enfield. It isnīt black powder, our ammo are filled with quied expensive and high qulity rifle powder.
    Attached Images Attached Images Cut Down Lee Enfield 

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    This reply is going well off track to the original thread and please move it if you think it should be somewhere else. In reply to Radek I post a picture of my Canadian Mk.2* carrier. Carriers were made in Canada and the U.K. also Australia and New Zealand had their own local patterd carriers.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Cut Down Lee Enfield   Cut Down Lee Enfield  

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    Default Re: Cut Down Lee Enfield amazing. there a cut down Enfield in there?

    do you have a pic of where it would be inside?

    (and on a side note, why the white star on the back?)

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