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Czech 'DUO' 6.35mm Pistol

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    Default Czech 'DUO' 6.35mm Pistol

    Enjoy this Czech 'DUO' pistol produced under German occupation in 1941...BILL

    You may contact me through this forum..

    I purchase military Items of WW1 and WW2...........
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -000_0001_00.jpg   -000_0002_00.jpg  

    -000_0003_00.jpg   -000_0004.jpg  

    -000_0005.jpg   -000_0006.jpg  

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    Default Re: Czech 'DUO' 6.35mm Pistol

    Now we have a trio of DUO's
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -duo-003.jpg   -duo-002.jpg  


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    Default Re: Czech 'DUO' 6.35mm Pistol

    wow very small pistol !

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    Default Re: Czech 'DUO' 6.35mm Pistol

    Quote by NSDAP42 View Post
    wow very small pistol !
    If a gun could be "cute" this is it.

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    Default Re: Czech 'DUO' 6.35mm Pistol

    Well, here's one that's got me puzzled. I hope you guys can help. This is a '43' date Duo with a gloss blue finish and gold plating on the trigger, safety, grip screws, magazine catch, and extractor. The grips are white plastic, and the barrel and recoil spring guide appear to be highly polished stainless steel.
    Markings are "AUTOMAT PISTOLE "DUO" CAL 635
    F DUSEK, OPOTSCHNO" on the left side of the slide. To the right of that is a strange proofmark with "43" under it. The proofmark is repeated on the barrel chamber. The serial number is on the right side of the slide. I cannot find any other markings on the pistol.

    It was obviously made in a very high state of polish as the finish is beautiful even with holster wear on the front and corners of the slide. The gold plating has wear, the pistol shows signs of having been fired, but it is still in excellent condition.

    Can anyone shed light on the possible history of this pistol? It's hard to believe that with the artistry and craftsmanship exhibited in this pistol it would not have some other markings. Even the magazine shows the high polish, deep blue finish.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -rsz_dscn0268_25.jpg  

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    Default Re: Czech 'DUO' 6.35mm Pistol

    I would suspect that your gun received a "pimp job" post war.I don't think it left the factory this way.

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    Default Re: Czech 'DUO' 6.35mm Pistol

    You may be right. If so, it was an exceptionally well-done job.

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    Default Re: Czech 'DUO' 6.35mm Pistol - Operating Rod and Date of Manufacture

    I just picked up a DUO today very cheaply. The pistol is in pretty poor condition, and when I disassembled it I found the operating spring but not a rod. Should there be an operating rod. If so, does anyone know where I might get one.
    Underneath what I assume to be a proof mark, is the number "45". I'm assuming that means it was manufactured in 1945. The serial number is much higher than the other pistols on this thread - 1200xx. Once I clean it up, and obtain an operating rod if it needs one, I hope it will be a fun little shooter.
    Any help on the date of manufacture or the operating rod will be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,
    Jeff (slotstuff)

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    Default Need help finding a proper magazine for my baby "DUO" .25acp 6rd vest pistol!

    Hi guys!

    I'm new to this board and this is my first post. I like to collect small and really compact pistols, and I recently got my hands on a .25acp "DUO" and have been doing a lot of research about it. The history behind it and it's fellow clones and how long they have been in production for so long is really interesting. The quality is also really high and it's a tough little thing.

    In any case, I have a question I hope you guys can help me out with. I only have one magazine for this little guy, and I think it's a very nice little BUG I can carry in my pocket. I've taken it apart, cleaned it real well and took it to the range. I was actually very impressed with how it behaved at 15 feet...I was able to get some rather tight groupings and not one single FTF or anything, so I may decide to carry it from time to time.

    With that said, I was told that a company called Triple K makes some replacement magazines....but I should avoid them at all costs. I've heard this from several people...and if I do decide to carry it, I want another magazine. All I could find were these Triple K magazines. I've seen some magazines on GB and eBay, but I'm not sure they will fit right. Will a magazine for a "Baby Browning 25 ACP 6.35mm 6 Round" fit properly in this pistol? I've had my eye on ebay and GB for a while with the key words "DUO 25 MAGAZINE" in my saved searches, and it's been a while and nothing has come up. Someone told me that a Baby Browning magazine will fit, and I would like to ask those of you who own this pistol if these magazines will work? I see some with an "F.N." stamp on them (6rd .25acp) and wonder if those will work. Basically, I just want to find another mag or two. The magazine fits in my tiny little front pocket on my jeans. Please help me find another reliable magazine for my DUO! Thanks fellas.

    Here is a pic of my little bad boy....


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    I'll check and let you know...BILL
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