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De-activation of weapons in Finland

Article about: if i could aford it i would be ther tommorow thank god some where is free

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    Default Re: De-activation of weapons in Finland

    Quote by mr.dirt View Post
    I think that you should research the facts and law before you make a post.

    Ownership of handguns is not outlawed but controlled in New York City, its called the Sullivan Law and dates to the 1920's. If you demonstrate the need for a handgun (store owner, money transport, jewelry business), you can apply for a Carry or premesis permit and get one. Not easy but it can be done..
    I was born in Brooklyn NY. My Grandfather was a Policeman there from 1928 thru 1953. My father who was a good man was not able to legally own a gun in New York, Did he own one? YUP. The entire reason why my father moved his family away from New York back in 1964 was because of Gun Control. The final straw for my father was when a man walking home from work was killed in our front yard, our yard was right in the middle of a gun control zone. If that man had a gun or wasn't "controlled" he might be alive today. If you want to believe that gun control works more power to you, but if the poop ever hit's the fan come see me I've got an extra, maybe we can survive.

    Your Friend

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    Any other comment's, question's or snide remark's???? Love to hear from ya....

    Your Humble servant
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    Quote by Panzer 3 View Post
    Hi Jay,
    You are right i think we should go back to what is was years ago, when we could own hand guns in the UK. At least the gun owners were law abiding people you would not brake the law because you would lose you licence also. The hand guns were taken to be distroyed but most were sold outside the country. More money for the government, It is one law for them and one for us, ie We cannot own or fire handguns, but the House of Commons has a gun club, where M.P,s can use hand guns.
    How does that work?

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    At least you can own the darn things in here (Portugal) a collector's licence is almost impossible nowadays, I had a permit to a .22, just lost it, could'nt get the renewal.
    9mm aint allowed, 7.65mm neither, only legal caliber for a civilian is 6,35mm an even that is very dificult.

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    Quote by Mick View Post
    The answer to the problem is simple, MOVE !
    Why even bother with deactivated guns when you can have working examples that you can shoot ?

    I used to get really into threads like this but now I have better things to do with my time. The above comment is all you really need to read ! Thats coming from an Englishman that takes gun ownership and collecting so seriously he got a gun licence in a country where pistols, semi-auto rifles (I own a Steyr AUG amongst other things), and a whole load of other defense products like gas guns and taser are legal.

    I am ever grateful to the Austrian government for that.

    Incidentially everytime their is a tightening of deactivated gun laws the price of the older specification de-acts sky rockets. I saw this in England in 1995 and 9 years later in Germany. If I was Finnish I would sell the shares, clear out the bank account and buy collectable de-acts before the law changes. Especially those MP40's you have up there, because their sure as hell won't be anymore !

    Regards Craig.

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    Default Re: De-activation of weapons in Finland

    dave you are so right
    i used to have a fac for hand guns and semis but i recinded it after the hand gun ban
    i agree we only have 2 choices stand up to the liberal idiots who run our government or move
    well said sir cheers ian

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    Default Re: De-activation of weapons in Finland

    sorry i ment craig
    i do apologise for my inatentive ness

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    Default Re: De-activation of weapons in Finland

    I have been here for seven years now and I will never go back to the UK. For the first time in my life I am free. It's not just that people are trusted to own guns here that makes it a great place to live, everything is better, much better. I just wish I had come here 30 years ago.

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