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De-activation of weapons in Finland

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    Thanks for your comments.

    My first preference is to not mess with them.... I would like to leave as much of their original history in tact as I can.

    However at one point the market reality will come rushing in when it comes time to sell them.....i.e. fewer buyers that are licensed to own converted autos.

    The deactivation laws in Canada are different now than when the two guns shown below were deactivated.

    The MG42 and Thompson M1928A1 were deactivated where moving parts were still permitted ("old spec in UK terms")

    I believe the game has since changed in Canada where things now have to be welded up.

    It will be painful to put the guns shown above through that…. as they are in great condition.

    I don't look forward to that day.


    "Old spec" deactivation done on both of the guns shown below.
    The markings and finish on these two guns are superb.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture De-activation of weapons in Finland   De-activation of weapons in Finland  

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    I had an interesting conversation with a fellow at a recent local gun show that I have known for many years….during the conversation he told me that he is the youngest licensed holder of a permit to own full auto in Canada.

    I asked him how old he was to qualify….he said 18 years old.
    The “grandfathering cut off date” for full auto category in Canada was January 1 1978.

    (The "grandfathering cut off date " for converted autos to semi-auto was August 1 1992....I believe.)

    Most of the permit holders are much older than he is.
    Once they guys are gone….no more full auto ownership….and full auto guns can not be converted to semi-auto….it is deactivation….or destroy.

    For collectors with a full auto collection….the days are numbered….I know one of these collectors….late 70s.

    I helped him sell a full auto .303 Lewis gun to the armourer that was doing the film “Passchandaele.”

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture De-activation of weapons in Finland  

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    Default Re: De-activation of weapons in Finland

    I can understand why the U.K. laws are the way they are, this does not mean that I agree with them but I that is another story. The big problem is as with most things in the U.K. is its political, the amendments to the firearms act over the last twenty years or so, has been a knee jerk reaction to events of the time, which in turn have been brought to the forefronts of the publics mind via the media of the day. The result is that the sane law abiding firearms owners suffer due to a political decision made by whatever government was in power at that particular time, so they can be seen, to be reacting to the event that caused the outrage. The truth as we all know is that taking guns from people who are sane and licensed is not the problem, its normally the criminal and mentally unstable members of society in Britain with access to firearms that cause problems, in two high profile cases the parties involved were in the latter category in one such case the local firearms officer issued the person with a full section 1 Firearms licence even though the Doctor of the soon to become gun man, explained in the assessment for the renewal that he deemed that his patient was not in a fit metal state of mind, to own and to handle firearms. The result was the renewal was rubber stamped by the police, a mass shooting, many deaths, a change in the law, Oh and of course no action against the Police officer in question why that would be unthinkable!.

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