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Deact/DP No 4

Article about: Hi Ben, thay are Canadian mate made under contract, i love the enfield rifles, i have five of them now, i think it,s a madness lol. Dave.

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    Hi Ben, Your Long Branch is as said, Canadian made but its been in British service as indicated by the remarked serial number on the side of the body. Its also a Ex RAF DP rifle, do you have a deac cert with it? Not many of these Ex RAF no.4 rifles made it onto the market so its a good find. This version of DP No. 4 rifle was replaced with the L59 which was significantly more weakened to prevent them being used by terrorist organisations.

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    panzer 3 what you describe is the enfield manufacture stamp
    you see this on all sorts of thing made by enfield ,,but it has realy nothing to do with the description lee enfield no4
    same as slme its a design name not neseserly a manufacturer
    cheers ian

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    Hi Ian,
    Sorry i didnt get back to you sooner, you are right though the Enfield ID is on all there stuff, just that i saw the ID on a No4, i have B.S.A, and Fazakerley, but now looking for a Maltby No4,

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    Very nice looking #4 - should make a beautiful display piece!!
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    That is one fine looking No. 4 Ben. I'm surprised how nice it looks for a DP. I have a DP in my collection; actually designated a L59A1, that has been deactivated thru welding and machine cuts. You can see it and my other No. 4's here: My No. 4, MK 1 Enfields

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