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Deactivated guns legal in California?

Article about: by gew98 Guys here's the problem ... "deac" does not exist by definition according to the BATFE goons. The receiver constitutes the weapon and if it is not a C&R simply deactiv

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    I believe in the US the receiver of a fully auto gun must be torched cut, not saw cut, in three pieces which removes some of the receiver metal and must remain that way. They cannot, by law be rewelded back. That's why they make dummy receivers for the auto's. However there are no restrictions by ATF for owning the once fully auto with the torched cut receiver though as the receiver is considered destroyed, Ray

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    Quote by helmetone View Post
    California is one of those wacky states with usual and very liberal gun laws.

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    Quote by Scout View Post

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    Was that irony - The Granola state having a 'usual and liberal' gunlaw?
    It was my impression, that California has some very unusual and very strict gunlaws - for America.

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    California is very unusual all around. The laws are very wacky and do not benefit good people. They have made things harder. Maryland is a pain, but I believe California has Maryland beat. Maryland you can buy one regulated firearm (pistol or handgun) every 30 days, with a 7 day waiting period for each transaction, each and every time. I applied and received a collectors license which exempts me from the one every 30 day rule. I can buy as many as I like at one time or in 30 days. All I had to do was fill out a one page application. That just shows how much of a joke the system is. I haven't used my collectors license yet, but I have it if I need it. The state police also has an application form for a one time estate purchase, if you don't have a collectors license. You complete the form and if approved you can buy an estate of guns as a one time event without havin to do the collectors license thing.

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    I think the OP's question has been answered.

    I am here in Cal - there are legal ways to get everything you could need and in the quantity you need, but it is a little complicated and expensive.
    You must deal with the California DOJ as well as the BATF and that can be a pain, but is doable - I am not sure how realistic it is for a regular Joe, but working in the Entertainment industry and having the valid need has helped my cause.
    *Movies make the state money, movies need machineguns - someone needs to have the permit for those machineguns or the movies go to another state to spend their money.

    There is a lot of misinformation on this thread - and, I certainly don't want to appear to be defending this state's stance in anyway, I find it very frustrating and irritating, but unfortunately the laws are passed by an equal amount of misinformation from the other vantage point.

    So what I will say is this...

    You guys should watch California closely, as typically the laws that are started here, spread across the states with time - not just with firearms related laws.

    So as you may be comfortable now, be careful how comfortable you are, and vote, join the NRA, take a stance.

    It's not as simple as being a state full of liberals (it isn't), or cop haters (it isn't), or marijuana smokers (it isn't) and to think it is, is unwise and politically and historically ignorant.


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    Believe it or not, in California, you can own FA guns.

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    Seems state has gone to hell financially. Gun laws used to be good but over regulation concerning ammo.

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    What he ment by "Liberal" is a term used in the United States for "left-wing" ideology, The irony is that you are being held back in Liberal states when it comes to gun laws. I can buy as many rifles as I want here in a day (ND, very Right-Wing state) and don't have to wait months to get them! A friend of mine picked up 6 SKS's in a matter of 2 hours of gun shopping. What is really stupid is that if I buy a pistol in Moorehead, MN which is a river away from Fargo, I have to, send it to an FFL holder in ND... I don't live in Fargo but the gun hunting is nice there.

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    We can do the same thing with six C&R SKS rifles in CA - but I get your point, we cannot do it with a modern (or 30 year old) assault weapon, although many CA dealers have come up with ways to get their customers what they want legally.

    Believe me I am not defending CA - the rules here suck.

    I haven't been to North Dakota, but worked for a few months in S.Dakota, bought some nice guns there - a Merwin and Hulbert '73 amongst them, lol.

    *OK, the SKS without the grenade launcher or removable mag, lol.

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