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Deactivated Ppsh-41

Article about: WD-40 works fine - never seen it damage anything other than my clothes :-)

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    Default Deactivated Ppsh-41

    Hi collectors,

    I just wanted to share my deactivated Ppsh-41 and ask an quick question. Do you guys know how to get the thick gun storage oil off, without damaging the metal. It's such a pain . My friend told me how they had to grease Soviet artillery cannons with this stuff each winter and then again clean it in the spring, sounds like hell. Here are a few pics for you.

    The gun with an СШ-40. Sadly it is an early post war.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Heres the factory stamp and date, quite common.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Deactivated Ppsh-41

    Nice one. The cosmoline after time turnes into a dense glob for sure. Can you take it apart?
    On firearms I use a solvent mineral spirts or kerosene. For big problems I have been known to use straight gas in a well ventilated area

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    Default Re: Deactivated Ppsh-41

    Thank you. You can take it partly apart. Is heat an effective method at all? I've heard of people blow drying it and leaving it in the sun. Unfortunetly, here in the north it's never really that warm.

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    Default Re: Deactivated Ppsh-41

    'WD40' works for U.S. items covered in Cosmoline.........


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    Default Re: Deactivated Ppsh-41

    No substitute for petroleum product IMO.
    I hear of some that boil in water it and remove it but the cacked on form will will have to soaked and brushed or scrubbed to get it off.

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    Default Re: Deactivated Ppsh-41

    Can WD-40 damage metal parts in anyway, or the wood finish? I'm really paranoid, because I used some break free fluid and well... it was harsh.

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    Default Re: Deactivated Ppsh-41

    WD-40 Is Great stuff and is a Petroleum derivitive and safe to use for your purpose. I use this on small items.
    It was a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray originally for rockets in the early 50s.

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    Default Re: Deactivated Ppsh-41

    I would recommend 'Ballistol' spray not petrochemical stuff like petrol , kerosene or WD40-Ballistol is made from pine oil.

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    Default Re: Deactivated Ppsh-41

    Did my Mags in petro ...........

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    Default Re: Deactivated Ppsh-41

    I got a can of WD-40. Now off to get myself messy

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