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Deactivated ww2 Guns?

Article about: Hello Leelad, Gunstar is another site. I have some deacts for sale at the moment. I am collecting British and German rifles to go with my bayonets. If you are interested let me know...a scou

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    Default Deactivated ww2 Guns?

    I am looking into these more & more everyday, Very intresting, Does anyone know were the best places or websites are for these? Hopefully as cheap as possible...

    Please PM me some websites or advice (as im a beginner)

    just incase of any spam or advertising...

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    Default Re: Deactivated ww2 Guns?


    For a start try

    Regards, Simon.

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    Default Re: Deactivated ww2 Guns?

    Another website that I recommend is Ryton Arms, very good prices and a superb service



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    Default Re: Deactivated ww2 Guns?

    Also check out Militaria Mart - 20,000+ items of militaria for sale There are quite a few dealers in the UK sellings deactivated guns.

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    Default Re: Deactivated ww2 Guns?

    Do they have to be in the UK? IMA has some pretty cool weapons now and then. I just saw a vickers and a maxim there last week.

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    Default Re: Deactivated ww2 Guns?

    Sadly we in the UK cannot import any deact weapon from overseas regardless of how the deact work was done. So you can only buy from within the UK.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Deactivated ww2 Guns?


    I got my Mosin Nagant 1891/30 rifle from this site it came in very good nick and it came very quick. (aha that rhymes)

    Very good site nice customer service got mine for christmas.

    MDW Supplies


    P.s. i live in north east and it came in 2-3days.

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    Default Re: Deactivated ww2 Guns?

    May I suggest Worthing Guns ,West Sussex. Excellent range of deacts. very knowledgable guy and sensibly priced. Does all the Militaria Fairs in U.K.

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    Default Re: Deactivated ww2 Guns?

    Another one that hasnt been mentioned is
    Deactivated Weapons - MILWEB Classifieds

    Militaria - The only REAL alternative to ebay for collectables online auctions

    DEACTIVATED - Gun Deals Internet Gun Auction

    The Shop of Helston Gunsmiths

    Hope this helps you in some way, I've dealt with every one of them apart from helston gun smiths as it delivers to a business address only (not too hard to get if you want something badly enough lol)

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    Default Re: Deactivated ww2 Guns?

    try Gun City - Gun City | Firearms Dealer | Paintball | Firearm Accessories | Hunting and Outdoor Supplies | - GUN CITY, GUN SHOP, Luopold Optics, LED Lenser, ... it has everything, including deactivated ww2 weapons, and as its in New Zealand dollars, it makes it cheaper for those who live overseas.

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