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Egyptian Rasheed Carbine

Article about: Enjoy this Egyptian Rasheed Carbine.. Cal. 7.62x39mm There were only 6000 of the Rasheed Carbines ever made...BILL

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    it doesn't need stripper clips as it has a removable magazine, it is a 7.62x39 version of the hakim, which is a variant of the swedish ljungman, actually it's closer in design to an m-16 than an sks!

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    Heres my Rasheed,as far as I know they were only made in 66-67-68.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Egyptian Rasheed Carbine  

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    Thanks for the info guys. The reason I asked about stripper clips is that many self loaders with detachable mags had stripper clip slots to top off the mag in the rifle. In addition, those that don't have ammo in stripper clips with an adapter to top off the mags.
    Without those two options, you are left with loading each mag by hand.
    Has anyone seen a mag loader for these?
    Plus, Bill stated that he tried an SKS stripper clip in his and it didn't fit, so I am assuming it has a stripper clip slot. If so, for what stripper clip?


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    isn't the rasheed a carbine version of the hakim witch was a copy of the swedish
    sorry for my bad english

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    sorry i dindnt read further after the two posts
    please forgive me

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    One source says they apparently date from around 1959-60.(with a question mark) Years ago apparently some importer got ahold of a lot and I have seen many, but not large quantities, of them for sale here. At first the prices were pretty reasonable. Now when they turn up, the prices seem high. All that I have seen seemed to be in very nice to excellent condition, but the bores were somewhat variable in condition depending on usage. Perhaps not used for a long time before Soviet patterns were issued, sort of a stopgap rifle? They do not have chromed bores, which would explain the wear but in such a dry climate they seemed well preserved without rust. I had decided to obtain one once, but by then they had risen very high in price. And accessories are difficult to non existent. Not like the common SKS.

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