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Elderly revolver

Article about: Hello again, I know that this deac Webley is not strictly WW2 but hope that anyone can help me identify a stamp on it? The revolver is a Webley Mk "IV" 450/455 and I believe they w

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    Quote by pitfighter View Post
    Nice collection - what is the extension on the P38 barrel?

    Is that lens distortion or is the shell self bending rather a lot?

    Nice collection well displayed,

    Hello Pit,
    The P38 is a stand in until I can afford a decent one. It is in fact a cheap CO2 BB replica. I turned up the barrel extention on the lathe ages ago as an experiment to see if I could add some weight in the hope that I may make it a bit more luck so I just put it on the wall to see how long it would be before someone asked me what on earth it was! BTW, yes the shelf is bending hence the extra support. I was trying to be 'green' and used wood found at the dump.

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    Quote by Panzer 3 View Post
    Hi Guy,
    Great collection you have some lovely pieces there, thanks for showing them and nice to see you on here,
    We havent talked for a while hope all,s well with you and the family.
    Morning Dave,
    Nice to hear from you again, my output has been restricted by the usual round of hospital appointments, I'm waiting for two more invitations to be opened up again, thinking of getting a permanent bed there! Hope you've not been flooded during the recent heavy rain, my son is a fisherman in your part of the world and tells me it's been bad where he is near Helston.
    Made any new models lately?

    Hello Dave JB,
    The Thompson of course doesn't operate although it will cock and dry fire, amazing how accurate these Japanese reps can look. Again it's filling a space as they are now costing silly prices and I'm spent out at the moment after getting the Luger and .455 Webley.
    The helmet in pride of place is certainly the one you so expertly helped me with, I'm so gratefull for that. I'm working through the pieces Steve T sent me to clean up for RRPG, a couple of the bayonet relics have me stumped at present, the brass hilted one looks possibly French but a bit more research and I will hopefully crack the problem.
    Regards to youself and family,

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    The laws in the UK regarding antique percussion, flintlock, and modern
    replicas are similar ours in Canada. Any handgun made after 1899
    - OR - uses centerfire ammunition (also including .22 cal)
    is a 'restricted' weapon.........


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