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Enfield No.5 MKI

Article about: Enjoy this Enfield No.5 MKI 'Jungle Carbine' Cal .303....BILL

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    Very nice no5. what MFG is it? how was the condition of the metal beneath the wood?

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    I have a Savage Lee-Enfield that father gave me years ago as a young teen, as I begged and begged him for it. They are in my opinion are one of the best open site rifles in terms of accuracy at long range. I used to pop milk jugs at 300 yards with no problem. THe ONLY hatred I have of the SMLE is the short buttstock in relation to the front site and action. It is a real popper right up close to the face.

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    I believe the Enfield came in different stock lengths. Since the stock is a separate piece you should be able to obtain a longer one?!


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    It looks in great condition, i'm looking for one too, and ideally in the same condition.

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    Pretty rare now and much debated by the enfield 'purists' who were of the opinion it was an accountants cop-out to get the contract. Still popular down here by pig hunters and weekend warriors (like moi).

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