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Enfield No4 Mk1 questions

Article about: I picked up a pretty rough No4 Mk1 made at ROF maltby in 1943. There is still 70 year grease in many small parts. It looked pretty bad. Looks like it went through arsenal repair with the pat

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    I use both of my No.4's for target shooting only but have no doubt they'd perform well on the local deer that I otherwise hunt with either .30-06 or 6.8SPC.

    Regarding which type of hold to use, for me it depends on the type of target I'm shooting. As my eyes have aged, I increasingly use a little technique I've grown fond of: Whenever we receive a shipment in a dark box, I cut out a picture frame shape from the dark part and 'frame' that around a lighter piece of cardboard. Manila colored cardboard works fine for this. I staple all parts to a large cardboard rectangle which I in turn staple to my wood slats inserted into the target stand. I find it's easier to center the front sight blade in the middle in this way, due to the color contrast. Since all front sights look dark, you may as well superimpose them on something light.


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    Hi 08SMLE48,

    My WWII 303 is a '40 Lithgow SMLE. It was part of an early batch of 3000 that was run before they really ramped up production on them for the war effort.
    The Lithgow museum matched the serial numbers with their records. A nice piece of Aussie history.

    I've always gone dead center too, although the 6 o'clock hold works too.
    I might use a mix of both.
    One of the goats I hit at 30m on a slight rise got hit about 15cm higher than I was aiming. Although I was kneeling in a creek and shooting down an alley of trees.
    I haven't bagged a deer or pig with it yet. Got plenty with the AK.
    It was used as a deer hunting rifle from the guy I bought it from.
    WWI and WWII rifles are the main stays of NZ hunting, and probably will continue to be, for me at least.



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