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Enfield Revolver grips, need some help!

Article about: Moshemotom, Have you tried Military Mart or Ryton Arms ??? Good luck...Gwar

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    Moshemotom, Have you tried Military Mart or Ryton Arms ??? Good luck...Gwar

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    Quote by USNV5 View Post

    The holster, by the webbing used, is of Indian manufacture. It was considered proper for Indian as well as British troops in that region of the world to be issued with Indian made equipment when needed, it is identical in form to the British issue gear.
    I'd say the holster is actually an Australian made one.

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    I forgot to mention that the left grip in the OP second photo has had the thumb contour filed off, this is a British Mod from the 1960s.

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    I got the revolver and then picked up the belt, holster and pouch a few months later. I was already together so as not being a expert on british gear was not sure if it was period collect. So no offense taken to try to make it period correct in the future. That is what I love about the folks on this site the more info I have the better I can be in the future.

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