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Enfield Rifle No. 2 MKIV caliber .22 long rifle

Article about: does anyone have any more info on these rifles i found an article in that new military surplus collectors magazine about them and i think the idea of a full size Enfield chambered in .22 is

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    Would that be the CNo.7? My favourite would be the No8 as it was the rifle I first used.

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    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    Would that be the CNo.7? My favourite would be the No8 as it was the rifle I first used.
    Yes it would be.

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    Hi Lithgow,
    Nice enfields you have by the way, as you were saying about the .22 trainer rifle when we took new recruits for cadre,s we would used a Heckler & Koch conversion kit in the SLR, this converted it to .22.
    I dont know about the SA80 as im out of touch with it now but i should think they still do something along those lines now days.

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    There used to be the L98A1 which was a manual L85A1 in 5.56mm but if that was too much for younger cadets, there was a .22 chamber insert as the bore of the 5.56mm rifle was the same as .22". The current L98A2 cadet rifle is a L85A2 but the Automatic function has been removed and it fires semi or repetition as we should call it.

    There's an interesting page on the rifleman site about the .22" SLRs.

    FN Self Loading Rifle L1A1 .22RF conversions.htm

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    Hi Bobby,
    Thats the one they ae so easy to convert for the 25m range, havent seen one for years nice piece of kit.

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    Quote by crites1234 View Post
    how much are these trainers worth i mean do they go fairly high or more low end i enjoy firing .22s a lot and to get a former service rifle converted to that caliber would be excellent
    I bought mine over a year ago here in MN, and paid about 600 for it. We don't see a lot of them here, so they bring a bit more of a premium. I saw a Lithgow .22 at the same show, of course right after I bought mine, would rather have had that one. It is nice to shoot, and the empties fall right into the magazine box, clean up is even more easy lol

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    583rd Ord Co 59th Ord Bde Muenster, W Germany
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