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Ernst Udet Pistol Sold on TV series "Auction hunters"

Article about: Gday all , In the final Series episode of auction hunters , it seems several engraved pistols were discovered in a storage shed , including Udets platinum plated pistol (reportedly) , Season

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    no nazi mattresses found in the storage units????

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    Big Ned life would be dull without you.

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    Quote by visor View Post
    no nazi mattresses found in the storage units????
    I have a buddy still on the prowl for eva braun's diaphragm....... he's on a life quest after he found one of her soup bowls.

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    I have a problem with some one being stupid enough to leave such rare and valuable items in a storage shed? to be auctioned off for nothing compared to their real value I don't know what to think about it. Also California they are picking up or passing laws to ban everything from a cap gun on up aren't they. timoth

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    This thread is kind of interesting in the context. Ernst Udet's Pistol
    Seems to be the real deal?

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