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A few of mine....

Article about: Enfields: Mosins: And.. HERECY!! I just stripped one of my Mosins, this is a '38 Tula: The rest of the Mosins are 2 Izzy 91/30's, 2 Izzy M38's, a '04 Finnish capture Model 91, a Hex Izzy 91/

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    I knew there was quite a few, but didn't realize there were up to 300 Maybe I'll stick to picking up the M38, 91/30 and a few variations of each....

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    Hello-there are'nt really very many Mosin Nagant models but some are relatively rare, mostly early carbine models produced in (relatively) small no.s before or during WW1-even if you add in the Finnish rebuild models it's still but a fraction of the plethora of military Mausers or Lee Enfield models.

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