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A few P.08 Lugers and and other assorted Third Reich pistols...

Article about: Some of you have probably seen this shot before, I think it's an older picture, maybe Ralph Shattuck's collection? I just ran into it looking through some of my old pic folders and wanted to

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    Quote by Larboard View Post
    Hey you forgot Tye Beanie Babies? LOLLLLLL

    I bought a incredible P.08 from ? (I'll remember his name when I'm not thinking about it) in Maple Valley WA way back when, guy had an insane collection inside of a vault with a giant bank safe door, I actually went in there with him. A very very pleasant transaction indeed, (now I remember why I sold my '71 Challenger ;-) When Jan Stills books came out, gobs of the pistols belonged to this gentleman. Some guys were just a little smarter than the rest of the people out there...
    71 Dodge Challenger!!! Man I had a 70 bought back in 72 for $2400. 383 mag with Slap Stik auto. Now those and Lugers are a good investment commodity. Yeah shoulda kept that one. Oh well all water under the bridge now.

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    Don Hallock

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    Yeah MOPAR!

    The '71 was a Sassy Grass Green 340 pistol grip 4sp. I sold it for $2500 so I could buy the Luger was one of the reasons, that and didn't need anymore tickets... People always get real bug eyed when I tell 'em I sold a really nice '71 Challenger for $2500... that was actually pretty good money for one of those in 1990.

    And the Luger is long gone too, sold that to help buy a '56 HD Panhead a few years later.

    The Luger had one of those really rare [and generally accepted to be legit] "death's head" holster, imprinted with not too big but very visible death's head on the flap. Was generally accepted to be KZ? I saw a holster just like it sell on fleaBay a few years ago for $2500, Legacy Accessories. They don't sell fake or dubious stuff, neither did Don Hallock.

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