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Firearms dump

Article about: New to the forum. Found something you all might like to see. Sorry for the bad pic's. All soon to be just rust. K98's, Thompson's and MG34's It will make you cry.

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    The scrap metal price is 0,04 euro a kg here at the moment. Imagen what you could buy there with a hundred euro's!
    I think I could make a very nice collection in a few hours if I was aloud.
    Think I even spotted out a L/MG 14!

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    Amazing!! Any idea where and when these pic's were taken?

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    I just puked on my lapp

    This makes me mad!

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    Quote by packin9 View Post
    Yea,I guess the uniform is a little telling perhaps.
    pakistan, uniform of paramilitary police.

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    Quote by duchamp View Post
    pakistan, uniform of paramilitary police.
    Got me. Where ever it was....I sure hope it doesn't happen here. (nor any where)BUT, people being people just end up believing every thing they are told. You know,repetition. One generation to the next and then who knows any better? Is there anyone who thinks it will get better? If so, how?

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    just rediscovered this thread again, i would give my left nut for that pile of rusty relic weapons, infact id give both of em!!!!!....

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    Try this post I posted the other day

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