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Flammenwerfer restoration project

Article about: Very nice car. I have found that flamethrower and artillery piece restoration is nothing compared to vehicles. Good luck. Have some boys. It really does help on vehicle restoration. Of cours

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    This is an amazing thread and contains so much good information for this under-studied weapon system.

    Ian, your examples of the M35 and M41 appear to have the most intact examples of the data labels that are on the tanks and wands that I've ever seen. Would it be possible for you to provide some images of just those labels and their dimensions?

    Thanks again to all for making this such a great learning experience.

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    Bump - just renewing my request for additional images of the data labels on the flammenwerfer tanks and wands.


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    If someone selling the parts for Flammenwerfer. please PM me

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Good thread.
    Well done on the resto project. The 'Flammenwerfer' came out great.

    Congrats on the marriage as well. Good pics from there as well. I like the touch with the location and Opel.

    The blank cartridge looks just like blanks for dog training and self defence gas and/or loud report firing cartridges, that Germans can still buy today.

    Funny how German snipers are lauded and surrounded by mystique but one never hears anybody heaping prise on Flammenwerfer companies or anybody bragging on having been the one wielding a Flammenwerfer.....gee, I wonder why ;-)

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    hallo everybody I am new on this site and a have a qwestion I am restoring a flammenwerfer 41 I have tanks and the flame rod but I am looking for the following parts tank holder back pack plus straps hose and key any body whit parts ho like two sel or now them avelibol pleas let me now I have one set of tanks dubbel and the are coming for sale the have bee found last week in france in a sector from 18 Luftwaffe feld div neer Calais you can also mail me direct on this mail I live in Holland

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    Default Flammenwerfer

    Hi there. The photos of the Flammenwerfer 41/42 you restored are fantastic. I am just starting to do one myself. Would it be ok later on to have some pictures of the labels on the tanks? and their sizes? Have you got any valves for the tanks for sale? Or any other bits? I dont have any photos of mine at the moment, but soon hopefully. Then I can email you some by the end of the week.


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    i have one set off tanks and a lanz for sale i am looking for 2x repduction back pack metal frames and two repro hoses for flame trower 41 pm me mfgr patje dive

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    hello, i have just seen the pictures of your 35 flammenwerfer tank,, is it steel.. i have one that is aluminium with a flatter bottom ,, any info please,, vincey

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    Hello guys. I have not been active on the forums lately.
    Photobucket has eaten all of my pictures from 2007 until today, wich I had shared on several forums
    I still collect flamethrowers, and parts for these. My latest project is a "Kleiner Flammenwerfer" also (wrongfully) known among collectors as the flammenwerfer 35.
    I'll try to post some pictures later.
    I have tried to contact Ian Channing, but with no luck.
    Anyway, I am looking for some parts for the Kleiner Flammenwerfer. What I am searching for are parts for, or a complete hose that goes between the oiltank and the Strahlrohr. I am also looking for the main valve for the oiltank, and hardware for the carrying straps.
    I have found a very nice Tragegestell, tanks and original 1938 model Strahlrohr (Wand)
    The hoses that I am searching for, is the type posted by Ian Channing on the previous page, with the quick connection.
    If anyone know about such parts, I would be very interested.
    I can buy, or trade with Flammenwerfer 41 parts.

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    Duble post.

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