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FN L1A1 rifle

Article about: by m3bobby The .303 Bren mag wont fit the No.4, no where near. The L4A2/3/4 (Not the L4A1) was designed to have an interchangable mag with the L1A1 hence why you can swap the 2. And because

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    Hi terry,
    Well that answers a question doesnt it, lol i bet my old girls out there not being looked after, and Gunny i agree it is far better than the SA80, it has far better stopping power for a start. the old 7.62 against the 5.56, theres, no comparison what makes me laugh is that the taliban has the 7.62 in the AK and we have high power .22. stupid if you ask me, but the U.S wanted every Nato country to have them as they can be used by all. Our,s are being hit with man stoppers and we are using pellets,

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    Nice looking piece of kit there Terry !! You are keeping the other half busy !!!

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    Very nice! Such a shame you have to deactivate them. I had the opportunity to fire a co-workers L1A1 about 15 years ago. An accurate rifle without a lot of kick.


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    Fortunately, I do not live in the U.K. and mine are not deactivated! I occasionally use the L1A1 on the range, but for those events prefer my earlier bolt-actions.

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    I used both the L1A1 & L1A2 during the 1980's, beautiful ,accurate, penetrating fire power.

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    Thanks gents..for the comments.. I will back online Thursday...just sat in a cafe with that WI FI stuff....So I will read up then.. Cheers Terry.

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    My black lady:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	L1A1_a.jpg 
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Size:	186.1 KB 
ID:	491469
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	L1A1_b.jpg 
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ID:	491470
    Flyer... my fault
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Norma.jpg 
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ID:	491471
    with a bit more concentration could be group even tighter

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    Not bad shooting there Perun..Maybe you squeezed the trigger a little too quickly which in turn would make the weapon jerk..high left!!!..That rifle is in tippy top nick..Has it a different flash hider??? or is it just my eyes?..Thanks for posting very nice...Cheers Terry.

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    Thanks! Those holes was made with Scope - I have to get used to peep sights. I think, flash hider is standard:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	L1A1_i.jpg 
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    My L1A1 is (i think) factory rebuilt with almost - or - new PH Barrel.
    I am very glad to have one - and it is a pleasure to shoot it.
    Cheers - Robert.

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    Ah Robert I can see it is standard now I just couldn't see from the first photo..Looks very nice nearly new!!Yes I haven't shot one in years got to be 25 years or more!!! I hope you get lots of pleasure out of it!!.. Thanks for posting it..One the best ones I have seen. Cheers Terry.

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