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FN L1A1 rifle

Article about: by m3bobby The .303 Bren mag wont fit the No.4, no where near. The L4A2/3/4 (Not the L4A1) was designed to have an interchangable mag with the L1A1 hence why you can swap the 2. And because

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    Default FN L1A1 rifle

    Hello Gents & Ladies here my SLR that I bought the other day you have some photos taken by the missus, then 2 photos by the gent who was selling it.It came with stacks of extras..which I will play around with when I get home!!! I will take some more photos when I do.. Hope you like it?.. Cheers Terry. FN L1A1 rifleFN L1A1 rifleFN L1A1 rifleFN L1A1 rifleFN L1A1 rifleFN L1A1 rifleFN L1A1 rifleFN L1A1 rifle

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    Default Re: FN L1A1 rifle

    What a beauty!

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    Default Re: FN L1A1 rifle

    It is nice and for a good price too.....I just about remember these rifles in training, & when I was running over the Brecon Beacons..So I have been after 1 for a while...With all the extras too you can't go wrong.. Cheers Terry.

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    Very nice, pleased to see you got one in the end. Have to say though i'm breaking out into a sweat just looking at it . Memories of running around various parts of the world carrying one of those. Please do not now buy a LMG or I think I may have to lock myself in a dark room !!!!

    All the best


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    Default Re: FN L1A1 rifle

    Funny you should say Robin I did look at an LMG...but it was a bit pricey...Think last time I saw an LMG was Forkill NI 1989..some drop shorts popped into the camp with their out of date had the SA80 by then.....Next weapon Browning machine gun 30 cal..So you are safe for the Cheers Terry.

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    Default Re: FN L1A1 rifle

    Very Nice rifle Terry!!!!
    I have one of the parts kits they sold 20 years ago and a reciever.
    You have just reminded me that I still haven't put this thing Together yet.
    I wonder why they quit using these in the British military. It is like the US military had stopped using the M14.
    Then the war in Iraq started and they broke out some old M14's to use because of the long range shooting they were doing. Great rifle!!
    Thanks for showing us.
    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Re: FN L1A1 rifle

    Cheers John..You need to get it put together & show the world...I think I know 1 reason why we stopped using this weapon!!! Size of the round.too big now days..& heavy..5.56mm a lot lighter to carry..I know because the GPMG was phased out for a while in favour of the LSW "Light Support Weapon"which by the way was pants... Then GPMG it popped back up..Because people know it has the stopping power..So the GPMG is back in...Or it was in 2010 when I left.. Cheers Terry.

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    Default Re: FN L1A1 rifle

    Did you say I hope you like it !!!
    Very nice Terry the wife just went and grabbed me one of the grand daughters bibs it seems she does not appreciate me drooling all over her kitchen floor .
    The FN/FAL is such an iconic weapon I was lucky enough to handle and fire the Canadian military variation's (FN-C1 and FN C1A1 ) on numerous occasions .

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: FN L1A1 rifle

    Mark that made me chuckle...thanks for the laugh,You should really get a grip of yourself..a little embarassing in front of the grand

    I didn't know the Canadian forces used this weapon??.. Cheers Terry.

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    Default Re: FN L1A1 rifle

    You bet we did Terry as I stated though it is not exact match to the one you have shown.
    The ones we used in are military are a very close variation and were manufactured for the Canadian Military as per contracts with FN there as far as I know were four models produced for and used by are armed forces.
    The Canadian Forces operated a number of versions, the most common being the C1A1, similar to the British L1A1 (which became more or less a Commonwealth standard). It was manufactured under license by the Canadian Arsenals Limited company. Although the FAL was created in Belgium, Canada was the first to adopt it. The Canadian Forces began using the C1, a modified version of the FAL, in 1955. It served as Canada's standard battle rifle until 1984, when it began to be phased out in favor of the lighter Diemaco C7, a licence-built version of the US M16. The Canadians also operated an automatic variant, the C2A1, as a section support weapon, which was very similar to the Australian L2A1. The C1A1 was also adopted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1961.
    There is another variation that is not mentioned above that was used by the Canadian Navy it was a fully Automatic variation that was used by boarding parties.

    Regards Mark K

    UPDATE my little rant and rave

    IMO this was a huge mistake by are government to phase out the FN and go to the lighter and smaller Diemaco C7 they do not have the stopping power of the 7.62 mm cartridge all be it the FN/FAL are heavy by the early to mid 80,s they could have been upgraded with composite but stock and for stock to cut back on the weight issue .
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