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Found a Mauser K98k

Article about: Hi Welcome to the forum very nice find you have it should restore nicely if done right, cant you put it in your car wrapped up well and take it home. Best of luck with your restoration. Dave

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    Today im going to Amsterdam so i dont have time. Tomorrow I have time to take some better pictures. The serial is 3811n. Only on the belt and the barrel clip i couldnt retrieve any info because of the pitting. On all of die other Parts its matching 3811.

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    worse comes to worse if you soak some of the metal in diesel for a couple of hours it will help take the rust off another one i discovered that will take rust off things and i have no idea why but that pink road spray paint i had a rusty stick man figure mad of steel so i shook up the paint until it sprayed on like foam and painted him up for a garage sale sign and after a few weeks of sitting in the sun the paint started to fall off and all the rust was completely gone and never came back definitely not a conventional rust remover but it certainly works and if you have no plans to ever fire the weapon it is an idea though one i assume most people would reject but it does work

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    only down side is it would be pink for a few days lol

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    Here are some photos I took!

    Before: Found a Mauser K98kFound a Mauser K98kFound a Mauser K98k

    The red rust colour is in most areas gone, so thats a pretty sight haha.

    After: Found a Mauser K98kFound a Mauser K98kFound a Mauser K98k

    The serials all match, only the barrel clip is to pitted but I believe it will be 3811 too..

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    The wood is the next thing.

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    Glad you got it home. All matchers sure are valuable in the states. Try not to remove any markings on stock if there are any remaining. I have heard Kroil is also a good rust remover if available. Nice to see someone trying to preserve history.

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    Does somebody have an idea for wooden part? Do I need to rub/sand/shave/grind the stock and then oil it with some (???) Oil? Or is just a cleaning good and then oiling.

    When only cleaning is enough, with what kind of cleaningproduct do I need to clean it with?

    I find it very difficult to choose the right products so thats why I seek here for some professional advice.

    Hope you guys like what I did so far

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    Default Lemon Oil??

    Okay, went to the same store as before to ask about the stock.

    He said: Because of the historical value, i should not sand the stock, but just put Lemon Oil on it. Just like you do with a fretboard of a guitar. On some parts of the gun soms wood chipped off. He said just put layer on layer and it will darken with that stuff..

    Because I play guitar, I had some Dunlop Lemon Oil and I already put 2 layers on it. With 24 hours between each layer. The light parts, still are light.

    I dont want to refinish the stock, because it's so much worth with all the chips and battle 'flaws'.. You can see it's been used

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