It is sporterized - But...
It has correct G33 bolt which is nice - many were swapped out.
Even better - it looks to me like the original front sight hood - which you likely have already had some PM's about - it is uber rare if it is an original - like a K98 but more circular.
Crazy as it sounds it is more valuable to a collector than your rifle!

Rear sight is a red field American aftermarket and will have required the receiver to be tapped for screw holes, which can be filled, but, is it worth it?

The stock is a mess, badly done even for a sporter, and the barrel looks like it has been worked on.
$150-$300 or so will buy an original G33 stock - but, that would be your call - a little gentle TLC should inhibit the rust.

There were books published and magazine articles galore on doing this sporter work to your ugly surplus rifle, it was very fashionable for some years.