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Article about: Just wondered if anyone might be interesred in seeing my G41.

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    Default G41

    Just wondered if anyone might be interesred in seeing my G41.
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    Damm, A shooter too no doubt?

    You are so lucky to be able to collect and shoot semi autos, and full autos. My piddly section 1 only allows me to keep and shoot full bore They even took my 2 semi auto pistols from me a few years back

    That is a cracker sir, a beaut.

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    Thanks John. Sorry about your regulations . That just doesn't seem right. I know that I am lucky to live in a place that allows as to freely (for now ) collect items such as this one. Thanks again for your reply. God bless us all.

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    A very rare beast! Great to see it. Ultra rare over here in the UK.

    I take it this one was a "duffle bag cut" looking at the diagonal joint in the stock?

    Cheers, Ade.

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    only one thing to say


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    Yes it is a duffel cut. My father was a tank destroyer batallion commander & he brought it back in his bag.I didnt know what it was until i took it to a gun show over here & you would have thought i walked in with the holy grail or something. Everyone was interested in it . I turned down $3,000 in cash that day!I dont know what it's worth.

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    That is a great story to hear.

    I cannot help with an accurate value, as I on in the UK. But I strongly suspect it is worth a lot more than $3000 I am sure Bill will be able to help on this?

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Nice Walther pattern G-41.. Getting harder to find...BILL
    "As long as there are brave men and warriors the halls of Valhalla will never be silent or empty"

    In memory of my father William T. Grist December 26, 1920--September 10, 2009..
    901st. Ordnance H.A.M. North Africa, Italy, Southern France....ETO
    Also in memory of my mother Jane Kidd Grist Feb. 22, 1920-- September 27, 2009... WWll War bride May 1942...

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    Cobra,super rifle.I am guessing it is all matching and correctYour dad hooked you up with a nice investment.Worth 5-6K easy.
    My friend has one for sale a little pricey though.But as they say "cash is king"
    US Gun Exchange: Catalog: PRE 1946 MILITARY LONG GUNS AND SNIPERS: Walther G-41 Inv 764 Reduced
    Enjoy your treasure

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    Yes , all the numbers match. Dad refinished the stock ( big mistake ) but i dont think he realized what the rifle was either. but then again maybe he did know what it was. After all ,he did bring it back!It is missing the cleaning rod & sling. I have a repro sling but no rod. I was told it takes the same as the K98?Thanks for your interest.

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