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Garand help please

Article about: Hi folks, over here in the UK these beauties are hard to come by and very costly so over a long period of time i have tried and almost completed a complete build, first let me say it is a no

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    Ok, when I look at it closer, I see what you mean. There is a gap between the stock and upper hand guard.

    47th MP Co/47th Inf Div 1983-1988
    583rd Ord Co 59th Ord Bde Muenster, W Germany
    Looking for P37 ammo pouch with No4 bayo frog

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    Thanks guys, i am going to strip this down now and see how the metal fits without the guards, the lower band pin is in, its the rolled type, i think maybe too that there is distortion on the metalwork which will not help,,although this will not shoot i want it to look right, hope you understand.

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    Well bugger me, looks like the undersize stock is right,,i moved the stock ferrule forward a tad and it meets up much better, so looks like another stock, unless i can remove some material from the rear of the upper hand guard which should get the same result.
    metal sits fine together
    Garand help please
    and after moving the ferrule forward
    Garand help please

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    If the ferrule is pinned in place as it should be removeing wood from the rear handguard will not help anything but make another gap. There is nothing you can go but live with it or change to a good stock

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    Cheers Orlando, pretty much looks that way, ive placed a ad in the wanted section,, if anyone clocks a stock on their travels/web searches please give me a pm, condition not important as it is a non shooter however must post to the UK.

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    as for shooting it no chance here UK law is quite tough i may even struggle to get a bayonet for it,, it will complete dry fire/strip and eject a clip with that lovely Ping.
    Should be no problems getting a bayonet for it but how does it work with the rifle from the legal point of view - ie buying a bolt and receiver and bits? Are these old spec deact parts that you are putting together to create an old spec rifle? Will it need to be rechecked at the proof house for a deact cert or is it ok if the appropriate parts are proof marked as deact even if they didn't actually all come from the same rifle? I know a certificate is not a legal requirement if the parts are proof marked as deact but not sure how it works if you use components to create a rifle that never was? I'd be a bit careful how you go and make sure you are not going to end up in the crap?

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    Hi the rifle barrel and receiver were de-milled in Greece, the barrel now has two large rods tig welded internally and i will be taking it to Ryton arms to be certified.

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    Quote by greatwhite View Post
    Hi the rifle barrel and receiver were de-milled in Greece, the barrel now has two large rods tig welded internally and i will be taking it to Ryton arms to be certified.
    Ahh right, how does that work out with the differing deact specs? Your set up will basically be to an old spec and if Ryton are going to submit it to the proof house for them to proof it as deact would it not need to be deactivated to the current UK spec - ie welded up?? Or is there some loop hole to get around this?

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    Yeah its a tricky one,, the Greeks wipe out all original serial numbers the back end of the receiver is a mess i will picture it later, the barrel and receiver are welded together too, i have seen bolts welded and some not so you have a working action, they drill a small hole straight through the bolt, also some gas cylinders are welded too so they can not be removed,, i am a full member of the shooters rights association too,,i will let you know how it goes but for the meantime i have this stock problem.
    ps the bolt here is also fully stripped.

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