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Garand help please

Article about: Hi folks, over here in the UK these beauties are hard to come by and very costly so over a long period of time i have tried and almost completed a complete build, first let me say it is a no

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    Default Garand help please

    Hi folks, over here in the UK these beauties are hard to come by and very costly so over a long period of time i have tried and almost completed a complete build, first let me say it is a non shooter it is the law here, so i sourced many parts receiver, barrel,bolt, etc from various places and i am only now a few pieces short, the problem i have is i think the stock, it is a MT stock (Italian) that has been converted to 30.06 spec by Sarco (USA) i also got front and rear handguards from them , new pieces. the action sits lovely into the stock nice and tight, when i offer the lower band to the stock ferrule its sits lovely and flush however once fitted the the guard i get this mis match (a gap) has anyone had this problem with new stocks,,, or would it be best to put it into an old beat up GI stock, either way i want to finish this project, any help advice or links would be great
    Garand help please

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    I have an extra walnut front hand guard. That I could send out to you for free. Just cover shipping charges. I can take some pictures i think its a old one but not sure.

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    The stock you got from Sarco is still to short.

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    Really, can they be built up, they have a good reputation.

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    Hi Greatwhite,
    If you can't shoot it (THAT is a shame for a great shooting rifle like a Garand...), then I would stay with a USGI stock. The originals should not have any issues with fit. If you haven't tried them, look up Civilian Marksmanship Program for original used stocks, or the sell/buy sub-forums on firearms related internet forums.

    Good luck,

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    Cheers thank you,,, i have been in touch with Sarcoinc who say the stock is perfect in dimension for the 30.06,, maybe i am missing something else, going to strip it again , as for shooting it no chance here UK law is quite tough i may even struggle to get a bayonet for it,, it will complete dry fire/strip and eject a clip with that lovely Ping.

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    A better picture of the gap ,, and a shot next to a FN Mauser, the Garand still needs one or two bits,, i have all trigger parts minus hammer spring/housing gas cylinder lock nut and stacking swivel and of course re staining to match the dark finish that MT produce.
    Garand help please
    Garand help please
    Garand help please

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    Did you pin the lower band in place? Its the part between the two handguards

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    There's nothing wrong with your rifle. That gap you're talking about is how it should look. Yours is a bit more pronounced due to the wood fit to the metal. I don't want to clutter up your thread with more pics, but if you google pictures of garands, you'll see they all have this. Looks good so far, it's a shame you can't shoot it.

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    Yes they should all have a small gap and not touch.. I still say the wood they added it to short. In fact if you look the stock ferrule is at a angle so I woud say the end of the stock also isnt cut straight

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