I recently bought this deactivated Israeli Uzi SMG. It is an Israeli made weapon from 1961 and carries both the IMI mark and a Star of David mark. I teamed up the Uzi with an IDF sling. For me the Uzi is such an iconic SMG, used so often by the IDF in the various conflicts it endured as a result of Arab aggression. However the selector markings are in Latin letters, not Hebrew. The D E S are the German markings for Full, Single and Safe. I always thought that the Bundeswehr Uzis were produced by FN in Belgium. However, I believe that the West German army started using the Uzi in the late 1950s / early 1960s, so am I right in guessing that the original batches therefore came direct from Israel? If so, would this then be an West German army issued Uzi in use prior to the FN issues? Either way, I'm quite happy if it is a German issued Uzi, it just will mean that I'll have to buy a German sling for it instead!

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