Hello-given that most of central & western Europe was 'auto pistol city' it comes as no surprise that German official use was mostly auto pistols of many different types (though of very few standard calibres). Indeed the availability of ammunition was one of the most important considerations for use of captured weapons-British equipment in particular as this was mostly in calibre/type not available in mainland Europe. That being said I have seen war footage of a German infantry NCO with an Enfield .38 revolver stuck in his belt in France 1940-a battlefield trophy no doubt. Comparing the number of British revolvers captured with say the complete stock of French Lebel M1892s & ammunition that fell into German hands you can see why official use of British/American pistols would be very limited. The almost insatiable demand for small arms did mean that said French and Russian Nagant M1895 revolvers did see service with German forces but as a 2nd or 3rd line issue in the areas where ammo was freely available.