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Guns in Afghanistan

Article about: Hi Richie, I just looked at some site about the Khyber Pass specials....I am really astonished!! I never wondered about crazy how they make those guns, the entire US and EU gun mar

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    Hi Richie,
    I just looked at some site about the Khyber Pass specials....I am really astonished!! I never wondered about crazy how they make those guns, the entire US and EU gun marked is flooded with those!
    I'll save my money
    Thank you very much again... I'll never stop learning..


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    I agree the 2 webleys look like Khyber copies, the flutes in the cylinders look wonky and the general finish dosn't look as good as it should.

    The Martinis are the carbine version of the rifle and the markings look identical to my carbine (Which is original) so I reckon that one is an original.

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    nice to see the jingley markets in afghan never change! lol I was going to get a rifle from them once but all of them had there parts inside redun so i would stay well away from them .

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    Having seen very similar items from when I was in Afghanistan, the helmets are sold as antique 'Mongol' helmets from Ghengis Khan era!!!! They are Russian helmets with cheap, crap decorations and sometimes horns and chain mail welded onto them!

    Sadly the US troops bought into all, hook line and sinker! lol

    I came across s few of the Webley revolvers in my timw there and they turned out to be genuine.

    The Khyber Speacial firearams tend to be Lee Enfield Mk3's or 4's.

    Never came across any Martini Henry rifles though!

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    Try searching khyber guns on you tube, theres some real eye openers.

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    I made some research and found something interesting,
    the Webley MK1 was adopted by the British in the 1887 and those are marked 1880...the other pistol was used before the webley but is marked 1890!
    The only real thing there is the flare is russian but, here the comic part, has british marking on it! exactly the same markings of the other guns!!
    If you look at the pictures there is a marking under the VR that seems a "2P" with two cross lances...I think is a unit mark...and is repeated in all the guns, rifle and revolvers and even on the flare guns..
    so it is a little bit strange...a ww2 era russian flare gun with 1880 british markings!!
    BTW it seems they can rebuild every gun you want...I'll going to ask them a FG-42


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    The markings could be added due of reason of value- that is a fake markings added in Afganistan

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Hello-I know I'm late getting in on this but the Martini-Henry in the pictures is an artillery carbine not a rifle-shorter barrel than the rifle and it has the fittings for a knife bayonet not the triangular section socket bayonet of the rifle-British cavalry carbines aren't fitted for any bayonet-they had swords for hand to hand work. The locals in the Tribal area do indeed make copies of everything up to and including AK47s but these are poorly handmade from inferior materials and are very dangerous to use especially after any wear.

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    Apologies-I hadn't seen the 2nd page replies-also the carbine is supposed to be a Martini-Enfield-conversion of the Henry .450 inch to .303 inch barrel done late 1890s to early 1900s.

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    Silent Death 19D

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    I see youre with the big red 1..i was with them in iraq...i too came across some fakes while in iraq. i could tell because of the poor craftsmanship and how things just didnt line up, over lapse, overly pressed stamps or too light of stamps.. all of these need to be considered. but at the same time if they are real they could have a decent value. could you maybe post some pics of the rifle stamps and if possible can you take it apart and examine the assembly. youve been around enough guns, does it look like it was made by a quality gunsmith in England. take a little time compare stamps, markings, trigger assembly, all that innerds stuff to known good examples on your down time. lol..i got drunk in iraq, awoke behind the latrines after myself and 3 other GI's drank 2 handles of vodka...anyways i hand to fill sand bags and level offer the hesco barriers. while digging i found a ww1 british officers cavalry sword buried. i did the paperwork and brought it home. so you can bring home weapons including guns. i hope i helped a bit. SSgt. Bullock Med. Ret. U.S. Cavalry Trooper & Purple Heart recipient

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