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I have heard of this before.
Before the Japaneese began mass producing the Nambu Type 14 pistol, many Japaneese officers were equipped with the Nambu Type 94. Produced by Nagoya Rifle Mfg Co., the Type 94 was a deadly design. Problems began right at the start. the pistol was heavier and more expensive to produce than predecessors, and if the sear on the side was accidentally knocked, a round could sometimes fire. Soldiers were cautioned to not repeatedly fire the weapon but to let it cool first, as its weak and faulted design tended to cause the barrel to burst and the pistol to backfire and explode in the users hand.

In my Firearms collectors Encyclopedia, there is a warning note attached that this weapon is highly dangerous to use and should only be kept as a deactivated trophy.

Did his father fight in the pacific perhaps?

Yes ; the type 94 was a raging POS !. It had the sear exposed on the frame whcih could be depressed inadvertantly while holstered or in pocket by the right slap or bump. Of course it could be set off by bad handling due to tha exposed sear. Sort of like some feelows over the years whom have shot themselves with a P08 pistol by breaking it down and not of mond to notice it had a loaded chamber and they depressed the now exposed sear on the receiver extension... bang !.