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HELP ! Wd40 = rusty guns :(

Article about: The guns are Ww2 cz27 pistol Hotchkiss universal Kind regards Alex

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    Default Re: HELP ! Wd40 = rusty guns :(

    The guns are

    Ww2 cz27 pistol
    Hotchkiss universal

    Kind regards

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    Default Re: HELP ! Wd40 = rusty guns :(

    Banksy, when i repaired your Bren , I told you to use oil to lubricate the moving parts and wipe the excess off, the WD40 is ok to do that but it sounds like youve left a fair amount in there that is now diluting the old grease and oil and possibly any rust preservative that was added prior to selling, but what worries me is that someone has sold you something that was obviously rusting inside to begin with, youve only had these weapons for a very short time and there must have been a fair amount of rust there if the moving parts are seizing already, i take it the Bren is still able to be dry fired without any problems

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    Default Re: HELP ! Wd40 = rusty guns :(

    Hi alex,
    Good advice given you may find some weapons still have cosmeline grease on them from the
    services, this has to been cleaned completely, i stripped all my weapons when i got them and clean and oil them once a month, ( but thats only me ) It does depend on where they are kept also.
    but only use gun oil, Best of luck.

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    Default Re: HELP ! Wd40 = rusty guns :(

    to strip the cz23 is this video YouTube - ‪CZ Model 27 Pistol‬‏
    and the hotchkiss is a bit harder as i have never had one or seen one for sale but it is probably similar to the sten gun this might help
    Sten Disassembly


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    Default Re: HELP ! Wd40 = rusty guns :(

    Hi davejb

    The Bren is fine mate ! It's I'n it's best shape ever whilst I've owned it all parts move ect no issue

    I've sorted the cz27 there was dry gunk causing it to seizie aect so this caused the oil to look like it was rusty and ther the top cocked back too it left a dirt line I mistook for rust HOWEVER the issue is with the hotchkiss it's small amour of moving parts where totally seized when I got it and it had what I can only describe as a kind of dust like rust on the gun I used wd to try to seizie the parts but where ever the stuff has neenah it's just causing more rust ??. Maby wax is the next step ?

    Thank you the videos are very interesting


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    Default Re: HELP ! Wd40 = rusty guns :(

    Hi Banksy, glad the Bren and CZ is working now, it sounds like another visit is on the cards, so i can assess whats going on, i cant understand why it should be causing more rust so quickly, send me a pm with the address again and hopefully ill get over this weekend if convenient, dave

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    Default Re: HELP ! Wd40 = rusty guns :(

    the best gun oil in the uk for long term preservation is youngs 303 ,by parker hale
    it does not go glupy nor does it evaporate
    it allso does not contain any oxcidents or acids
    as does wd40

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