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Here are the new U.K. Firearms Deactivation specs which came into force on 03/06/2016.

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    Quote by douglas2496 View Post
    John, I doubt it will make any difference if we come out of Europe. Anti -gun feeling is so strong in Britain I cant see us getting any improvements in the situation.

    Mark, you are quiet right when you say about perception of people with an interest in guns (perverts or terrorists) I have learned to keep my interests private, even from some of my friends. Most British people are appauled at the mere mention of guns, and gun collecting is not regarded as a legitimate interest. This means we are unprotected from the most ridiculous legislation.
    Believe it or not, EU firearms circles believe that Britan not having a say will improve EU gun laws, as there will be one country less on the "anti' side,

    Sorry to hear about it, but frankly, it was a lost cause since firearms were getting deactivated the first time round.

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    What the loony toon left in America doesn't understand is that they have no way to make States and individuals comply.
    The 2nd Amendment was specifically written for was being armed to prevent the government from becoming oppressive.
    The Democrats forget that they lost the last civil war they started.

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    Like in France, you can call the factory neutralizing weapons : how are you working today?
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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