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HK416 Mags

Article about: I picked up these two magazines at a militaria fair recently, pretty sure they are from an HK416 or possibly a G31, they are both stamped with the HK logo on the base. I think the one with t

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    I honestly can't remember lol. Its been a while since I last used them I would have said no, I don't think they can which is why they are a separate issue piece and if I remember the plunger etc is different and there is a safety mechanism of some sort on it. But then when using them you have fit the blank fire adapter to the muzzle which primarily redirects the gas but is also capable of stopping at least one live round if accidentally fired. Hope this helps, Cheers. Sean.

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    Thanks Guys.....nice to get first hand opinions, I was'nt intending to use these, just wondering if the markings on the blank firer mag was the only way of ensuring it was'nt used for live rounds but the plunger mod on the side must preclude this somehow,....anyway you have answered my questions and I thank you..........

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    I just checked; live rounds can NOT be fed into the blank mag for safety reasons.

    The contraption on the yellow blank mag some term an 'inhibiter.'

    If I understand it correctly, the mag well rim of the rifle pushes down the yellow protrution on the mag thus in turn making a piece of metal push up at the lip section of the mag, making sure live rounds dont feed.

    But you already deduced this.

    More on the issue here:
    New HK416 IC - Page 7

    Congrats on the mags. Some of the best around.

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    Thanks Scout & Sean for your input, mystery solved.......cheers guys.


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