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How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

Article about: Oh damn. When i first saw this i was thinking the worst. Like when you pass by a car accident, one cant help but look. To not lose a hand or worse is a miracle! A .44 blowing up in your hand

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    Default How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

    This is what happend to me a few weeks ago, and the mistakes I made.

    I had a .44 black powder revolver, an Italian copy of the 1851 model Colt. I had a mate over and he wanted to shoot the thing as they are great fun to shoot. I had the cal 44 lead balls, and the percussion caps, but had run out of black powder. As I don't shoot the revolver very often I never bothered to buy a new flask of black powder, but now my mate came up with the idea to shoot the revolver we went out in search of black powder.
    Another mate of mine, a hunter, has a dad that has a collection of antique rifles and double barreled shot guns that still use the good old black powder, and he gave me a bottle of Pyroxylee. It's about the same as black powder, in any case it can be used in black powder revolvers.
    So happy to be able to load the thing we went home, and I loaded the six shooter. Here is where the first mistake came in; because it gets dark fast in the winter periode we didn't have much daylight left, so I rushed into loading the revolver. Big mistake, always take your time when loading a weapon.
    The second mistake was I never weighed the powder, just poured it in just leaving some space to press the ball in. I got away with this many times, but not this time.
    The third mistake, and looking back this should have raised some red flags at the time, but it didn't; the balls would sink in much deeper than normal. It was like the gun powder was spongy. I know now why, but when loading the revolver fast in the kitchen I never gave it a second thought.
    I later found out my mates dad had unloaded some modern shotgun casses and kept all the nitro powder in an empty Pyroxylee bottle! And that was the bottle they accidently gave me. So I'm now driving to a remote area with a 44 cal black powder revolver loaded with nitro in the boot of the car, together with a full bottle a nitro powder. To make things even worse I pinched the percussion caps a bit to make them fit tight (last thing you want is a percussion cap falling into the mechanism of the revolver).
    Here is the film my mate made standing just behind me. Where all the pieces of the revolver went to we will never know, but are we lucky or what?
    Exploding revolver - YouTube
    This is what happens when you fire a black powder revolver loaded with modern nitro powder. I blew up three chambers at once. The revolver was completely jammed, which made it impossible to unload the other chambers in a safe manner. I ended up driving back home with a terrible pain in the ears and a revolver in the boot still loaded on three chambers. The dodgy thing was than to get the remaining percussion caps of the still loaded chambers using a screwdriver as I had pinched them thight. One slip of the screwdriver and the whole thing could explode again. After getting the caps off I had to drive a screw in every lead ball and pull them out with some pliers.
    I put the revolver back together, its hanging on a wooden panel from a antique dynamite box, and thats where it will stay.
    The gun shop where I should have bought the black powder in the first place, heard about the story, and they would like to have the gun in the store, as a sort of warning.
    But was I lucky there or what? Thank god I didn't shoot from the hip!

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    Default Re: How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

    Wow you were very lucky.

    A salutory lesson.

    Glad no one was hurt.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

    That could have ended a lot worse than it did.
    Lucky indeed.


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    Default Re: How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

    lesson learned... Could have been worse. It is like holding a hand Grenade. Very lucky the shapnel went up and out.
    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Re: How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

    Wow, I'm amazed how calm you stayed after it blew up. Quite lucky!

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    Default Re: How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

    You were very fortunate, indeed ! I'm glad there were no serious injuries. Hopefully there will be no permanent damage to hearing.

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    Default Re: How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

    Very very very lucky! The spacing between the cylinder and the barrel and hammer probably helped the force escape, whereas in a semi auto pistol things may have gone differently as the blast would be more contained in the chamber. At least it was a reproduction and you still have all of your digits.

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    Default Re: How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

    Just a heads up to wearing ear plugs - I've lost all hearing in my left ear, due to shooting, mainly blank fire - I would give $10K right now to have it back.
    You're young, wear plugs, it will make sense one day.
    Not to mention shooting glasses - anyway you were lucky, and that's what counts.

    Thanks for sharing, I have always wondered what it be like to accidentally do what you did.

    Glad you're still in one piece!


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    Default Re: How to destroy a revolver in seconds...

    Lucky man,lesson learnt never forgotten.....I hope!

    Glad you are ok!

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    Default Re: How to destroy a revolver in seconds...


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