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identifying revolver

Article about: Thanks, that does help.

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    Hi Tom, this site will help your learning curve:

    M1895 Nagant Revolver

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: identifying revolver part 2

    Very nice rev. jtr1963...The condition is great, considering the production date and the history behind...
    Take care, Thanos.

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    thank you Ade now saved to favs i shall be reading that a lot me thinks


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    Interesting to see an Imperial Nagant which has not been refurbished during the Communist era.

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    Thats what made me think it might have been a German WW1 souvenir put back into use as a private 'back up'-wouldn't think Western front troops would be carrying a type that needs such specific ammo that late in the war unless they were Volksturm types.

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    These are the details I was able to get from my wife. Her uncle was a survivor of the battle of the bulge. He picked up the revolver from a deceased german soldier. Her uncle's tombstone reads "company c4 engineer combat bn survivor of the battle of the bulge"

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    Hey JTR1963
    Feoche makes ammo for the nagant revolver, that is actually better than the Russian made stuff, because it has the end of the case necked down smaller so that it will not flare when it is fired in a revolver with erosion in the throat of the barrel. It is a bit expensive usually $40 to $50 for a box of 50 rounds, shipping is usually the killer though.

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    Hello. On the gun is written "Tulskyi (Tula) Emperor Peter the Great weapons factory.

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    gents it's nagant 1895. 1916 production-hence it's stamped

    Imperator Petr the Great
    Gun factory

    Nice revo, thanks for sharing photos

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    Ade i thought tulu markings where a 5 point star may be wrong

    That is soviet markings, on revolvers made in 1917-1920 it's imperial markings with no Imperila word, only after 1921 it's a star with arrow in it
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture identifying revolver  

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