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Important proposed eu changes to de-act gun ownership

Article about: Following the two attacks in Paris the EU have put forward new draft propsals.The EU proposal seeks to ban the sale of deactivated firearms that were automatic firearms prior to the deactiva

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    Another good reason for the UK to leave the EU.
    This would have a massive effect on renactment etc, and would surely create an underground dealing of such items which are currently made safe and legal, what on earth are supposed to do with them just hand them in despite in many cases the loss of hundreds of pounds laid out to purchase them, example early spec Garand here in the UK will go for around £1700. Lugers etc.
    Crazy world we live in.

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    Yes a very sh*tty and an stupid proposition. No bragging but you can buy an Yugo M70 in Croatia for 200e(!!!) and in Bosnia and Serbia for even less. This is from where these kalashnikovs come from. But im sure this law will stop the terrorists from buying weapons that they will use for the attacks, right?
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    Words fail me!

    This really is another example of "The Emperors New Clothes" with politcians (un-elected I might add!) using smoke and mirrors in an attempt to look as if they are actually doing something.

    We had to endure more and more restrictions in UK over the years none of which have taken a single (that's right not one) illegal weapon out of circulation. These knee jerk reactions such as the post Dunblane hand gun ban simply pander to the ill- informed and timid whilst punishing those who have done nothing wrong. In the cases that resulted in the imposition of new restrictions the perpetrators of the crimes concerned would not have had licences if the authorities had done what we pay them for but that's OK right? Lets just attack the law abiding instead.

    Criminals don't give a toss about the legislation that's part of being such low life scum (what about the "hanging as a deterrent" debate?) and if the bad guy wants a gun he will get a gun regardless.

    This whole thing makes my p**s fizz!

    End of rant.

    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares more about than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature with no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

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    Unfortunately, it is likely that all European countries will seize upon this opportunity to disarm its citizens from legally owned weapons. They probably fear reprisal attacks against certain citizens because of the terrorist outrages.
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    Here is a link for a petition against the latest EU proposals.

    Cheers, Mark.

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    I hope we here in the US can elect a Republican into the White House, otherwise we will probably be in the same boat!!

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    Also known as closing the barn door after the cows get out. You cannot legislate gun control, as those who break the law don't really care about your rules. PUNISH the perpetrators perhaps a few heads on stakes posted along the highways. The only way to STOP terrorism is to stop those who cause it. You simply kill them and keep killing them until they decide to join the 20th century....(yes I know but the 21st century would be too much to ask) Since Europe is being wholesale invaded right now, how long before the gun smugglers get the weapons to their "refugee" troops. Gun control should consist of the following factors:
    You have the right to keep and bear arms.
    If you kill another human being with your firearms several issues apply:
    you can use your firearms to protect your self and family from harm especially if your life is threatened
    If you purposely kill someone for no reason you lose your life, unless it can be proven to be an accident in which case you lose your right to keep said firearms.
    You have the RESPONSIBILITY of taking classes on the proper handling and storage/security of owning fire arms.
    Proper gun control means hitting your target on the first shot.
    You have the right to use your firearms to protect your life if you can prove that your life was threatened.

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    When the U.S. makes gun ownership illegal it will be a lot safer place because then only the police and the military can own guns! ..... Oh and the criminals that use them because they are CRIMINALS and don't really care about the law!
    Remember when SECONDS count....the police are only MINUTES away, and they can protect you by putting yellow tape around the crime scene!

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    Dont see the point of banning de act myself. Ive ever heard of a de-act being re-activated and used in any crimes.

    When I asked the man who deactivated my luger whether I could ever get it reactivated he told me its a bit like having ya nuts done, once done even if you repair it will never function properly again.

    I don't collect guns, but I do feel for the people that do, and hope they can find a mutual ground to base any new laws.

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    Agreed with Mattty,,once the steel is corrupted and not merely breaking of a firing pin..but actually the process of a full deactivation requires more stringent measures to assure an unusable firearm.

    How is it that the do gooders can take more away from nothing? Unless it falls over on someones foot causing a bruise.

    @ Jet...yea I know that to be so true....and when the yellow tape takes the place of legal gun ownership..the police become toothless lions or Mall cops.
    ( surely they will be next to have guns removed from their duty belt )

    These ingredients for a Utopian society are not mixing well with what is already stale rotten and sour within the dough. Surely it already wreaks putrid,,no matter how long the bureaucrats will vote on the necessity of a childrens tree house needing a building permit
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