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Important proposed eu changes to de-act gun ownership

Article about: Following the two attacks in Paris the EU have put forward new draft propsals.The EU proposal seeks to ban the sale of deactivated firearms that were automatic firearms prior to the deactiva

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    To all our European members PLEASE sign here:
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    Had good advice? Saved money? Why not become a Gold Club Member, just hit the green "Join WRF Club" tab at the top of the page and help support the forum!

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    I have a couple of inert grenades. I tell people they can totally kill someone, if you throw them hard enough.

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    wery stupid idea
    It is an attempt to despair because they can not do anything against the mujahedin

    I'm interested what would happen if someone makes a bomb and use of fertilizer (as in Norway) ??? what in this case, stop selling fertilizer in agriculture or if someone makes an attack with a knife or sword, as in China where killed dozens of people.......

    all that is happening in Syria to this in france is nothing new ...... they did these same Muslims in Bosnia 1992-95 cutting heads Serbian soldiers and took pictures and publicly published and no one minded in europa.Today in Bosnia living on dozens of those same mujahideen who put ISIS flags on houses and no one says nothing about it ....

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    Just read this not one mention of a deac being used,

    Isis terrorists operating in Iraq and Syria may be using weapons exported to the Middle East by the UK, according to a new report.

    Assault weapons and small arms sent from Britain to Iraq in the wake of the 2003 invasion may have ended up in the hands of the militant Islamic group, the research carried out by human rights organisation Amnesty International says.

    Drawing on expert analysis of thousands of videos and images, the report concludes that IS fighters have access to a “substantial arsenal” of arms and ammunition designed or manufactured in more than 25 countries. Their weapons include US military issue M16 rifles, Austrian and Russian sniper rifles and Chinese and Belgian machine guns, it says.

    Many of the weapons acquired by IS are likely to have been given to Iraqi security forces by various western countries between 2003 and 2007, the report claims, before falling into the terrorists’ hands after they captured Iraqi military compounds.

    Highlighting the UK’s role in the supply of guns, it says that “a variety of small arms and light weapons” were exported from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to the UK in 2005 and 2006, before being “re-exported” to Iraq. Some 20,000 Chinese assault weapons were also shipped to Iraq from the UK in early 2007, and many of the guns later “went astray”.

    “Decades of free-flowing arms into Iraq meant that when IS took control of these areas, they were like children in a sweetshop. The fact that countries including the UK have ended up inadvertently arming IS should give us pause over current weapons deals,” said Oliver Sprague, Amnesty UK’s arms programme director.

    “Risks need to be far more carefully calculated, and we shouldn’t wait for this worst case scenario to happen before acting to prevent sales of arms which could fuel atrocities.”

    While many of the weapons used by IS are relatively modern, most of the guns at the terrorists’ disposal were manufactured at least a quarter of a century ago, the report says. The oldest piece of kit in their arsenal is believed to be a British 1914 Enfield Pattern bolt-action rifle, which may have been used in the First World War.

    A Government spokeswoman said: “The Government takes its arms export responsibilities very seriously and operates one of the most robust arms export control regimes in the world. Daesh’s operations in Syria and Iraq have unfolded against the backdrop of a permissive security environment in which a wide variety of arms and vehicles have flowed for decades. Daesh primarily procures weaponry by looting equipment from its opponents, and also benefits from local and regional black markets. Further capture of state military equipment by Daesh remains a possibility, until we can carry out the action to deny them space and safe haven.”

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    The parlment in Prague don't want this text.
    Never doubted the Czech governance's common sense.

    +++ Czech Parliament rejects Proposal +++
    ALL deputies voted for this statement:
    Parliament of the Czech republic
    2015 - 7th term of office
    PROPOSAL OF THE RESOLUTION Committee for the European Union - 40th session - December 2nd 2015
    in regard to Information about the European Parliament and European Council Proposal to amend Directive 91/477/EHS on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons /document code 14422/15, KOM(2015) 750 final/ Committee for the European Union of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech republic, after hearing of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mgr. Monika Pálková, after hearing of the report of the Deputy Roman Váňa, and after debate
    1. disagrees with intent of the European Commission to restrict acquisition and possession of firearms that are possessed and used legally in accord with internal law of EU Member states;

    2. rejects any Commission's interference with functional system of control, evidence, acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition that is set in the law of the Czech republic;

    3. claims support to establishing of all functional measures that follow goal of elimination of illegal trade, acquisition, possession and other manipulation with firearms, ammunition and explosives;

    4. opposes European Commission's attempt to persecute Member States and their citizens by unjustified restrictions on legal firearms ownership, as a reaction on tragic events associated with terror attacks in Paris;

    5. recommends to Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to take all legal and diplomatic measures to prevent passing Directive that would be infringement on Czech law in regard to trade, control, acquisition and possession of firearms, thereby inappropriately infringing on rights of citizens of the Czech republic.
    Ondřej Benešík
    certifier Head of Committe
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Well, there's the first government showing a bit of common-sense!
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    The Czechs probably remember their history!

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    As a man said here, its the same logic like this:

    Highway speed limit 130Km/h but some people drive 200+ so the limit will be lowered to 120km/h to avoid that.
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    Folks are beginning to wake up to the concept that the EU was not that good of an idea after all.

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