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Info Needed on my Early Schuetzen Rifle

Article about: Greetings Everyone, I recently acquired this early Schuetzen rifle, and I need some help deciphering some of the engraving. It has two names engraved on the barrel. One of which appears to b

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    This is a Excellent looking Schuetzen Rifle. Years ago we had a family friend that was on a detail during his service during and after WWII with the army. He stated that they were ordered to go into hunting clubs and battlefield areas to confascate all small arms and take them to an area where a big trench was dug and men with "gas Axes" were cutting them up. He couldn't stand seeing all the fine engraved hunting guns cut up with other battlefield weapons. He rescued quite a few himself and had an officer send them home for him in crates. He sold most of them when he got home. I wonder if this could have been the fate of this one? A lot of men that went to war in my area were farm kids and they liked to hunt, so you can see why they would send the hunting type rifles and shotguns home. If they could.
    Just my thoughts...

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    That's a very possible scenario, John. I know if I were over there, I would bring back as much of this stuff as I could! That's if I could get away with it, of course ;-) . I wish I knew more about this one, but the guy who brought it back is long gone now.

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