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Inherited Revolver with papers...Please help identify

Article about: Received a few years ago from a dear uncle. I have little knowledge of firearms, but I know I can find help here. I took a close-up of the mark and there are also several number 7's in vario

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    Thanks Bill! I sent a "thanks" yesterday, but it looks like it didn't post? Is it like the one you have posted? Do you think it is a rare piece? Does the number 7 signify it's the seventh pistol made of that particular model? And, what kind of value do you think it would have? Yikes, that's a lot of questions, I apologize. Any additional info is greatly appreciated, if you have the time.


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    More a question to the membership than helpful information for the OP:
    There is a page that asks if the materiel is British, Russian or Allied Gov't, among others. Were efforts made to restore captured war material that was originally from an Allied country? I've seen photos of capture papers that indicate Soviet pistols and rifles which were subsequently brought back by returning GIs.

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