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Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

Article about: The corrugated metal variant according to Janzen.

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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    Hi Zewrge and Phil,

    I am going to bring this rifle to my local gunsmith. If we can nail down a definite caliber, AND most importantly determine that it's safe to shoot, I would like to shoot it once. I think friction/heat from firing it would also allow me to clean the barrel once and for all.

    Thanks for the kind words! I have been on the lookout for a proper sling, and bayonet for this rifle. I would also like to add an Italian WWI "Lippmann" helmet, too!

    This medal is on it's way to me from Italy to complete the grouping of medals my bisnonno earned during the The Great War:Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS
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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    I had one of these come into the shop last year. I did a chamber cast to Determine the Caliber. After I measured the cast and did a quick check with my chamber dimentions book. we found it to be 7.65mm argentine Mauser. Very hard to find ammo. That doesn't mean your is chamber for that caliber. So please have it checked.
    These were I think imported in the early 60's before the 1968 gun control Act. Some were sent to south America as surplus many years ago and then imported to the USA.
    Hope this helps Joe.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    Thanks, John!

    I'll bring it to the gunsmith and let you know what he says!

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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    There is a Lippmann hemet on Ebay right now but they want $650 buy it now price on it. BUT it doesn't even have the liner......

    WW I Italian Army MO15 16 Adrian Lippmann 90 Infantry Regiment Helmet Elmetto | eBay
    I will continue to keep and eye out for ya. Ebay does have 2 WW1 italian helmets but they were ones used by the spanish during their civil war and the look to have a hole punched in the front for what I would think would be for the Franco Badge, I will continue to see if I find anything else for Ya. I think my Italian ancestors and their Gumba's are telling me to help!!!!!}8)

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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    lolol thanks, Phil!

    I've been checking Italian ebay, too

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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    The cracked hand guard is at the custom woodworkers as we speak. He said it should be an easy fix and he thinks it's an interesting project... so he's doing it for free! The hand guard should be done by this weekend.

    The screw holding the front barrel band/ bayonet lug on my rifle was worn to begin with and is getting chewed up... I found this replacement. Hopefully it's correct. If not, it's only a $2.25 mistake...

    Front Band Screw, Carbine Gun Parts | 499160B | Numrich Gun Parts

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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    Just tried to chamber an 8mm dummy round... bolt wouldn't close. I guess we can defenitly rule that hypothesis out!

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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    Just very well used!

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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    Quote by lithgow View Post
    Just very well used!
    So it seems! I guess trench warfare and the type of gunpowder the Italians used in WWI did a number on this one!

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    Default Re: Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

    The hand guard has been repaired! He kept it simple and used Elmer's wood glue and then color matched it using a special wax crayon.

    On the underside of the hand guard he applied some special tape... that I forget the name of... to reenforce it.

    Italian WWI M1891 Carcano TSItalian WWI M1891 Carcano TS

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