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Just bought this polish random at the gun show today..good deal or no ?

Article about: I saw this in the corner of my eye and I always wanted one of these polish pistols. It all looks original and I don't know much more about them. The guy has bin sitting on it for 25 years. H

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    An excellent set there at a very good price!-as far as 9mm Parabellum pistols go though, there were very few designs of that calibre used in WW2 and really only by the Germans=some C96s, Luger P08s. Walther P38s, FN HP35s and the Radom and only the last 3 could be described as modern designs-a far more crowded field is there if you were to ask which was the best 7.65mm/.32ACP pistol of WW2...

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    You did well on your acquisition. Congratulations on a great deal. The Radoms are one of my favorites.

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