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Just one more today: SKS

Article about: This one is also a lot of fun to play with have had this SKS for quite a few years now and opt to carry this one when I am in the bush backpacking or camping as they are very light and will

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    Quote by kozowy1967 View Post
    Very nice it has always amazed me how many variation of this rifle were built and in how many countries. This is the first time I have ever seen a North Vietnamese constructed SKS . Quick note on the Chinese arsenal SKS is it shorter than the standard model.

    Regards Mark K
    Hi Mark,
    There's an ongoing debate as to whether these were actually made in N. Vietnam from locally produced parts , Chinese supplied parts or completely built & assembled in China and shipped to N.V.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Just one more today: SKS

    Now that is an intresting thought and might explain why I had never heard of an SKS produced in N.V.

    Regards Mark K

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