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Just picked up a Walther AC42

Article about: Hi guys. I recently picked up the P38 AC42. It has all matching numbers and looks really nice to me. What do you guys think?? I bought it last week for 0. I took it to two gun stores to have

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    Quote by FormulaP View Post
    This is on the bottom of the barrel of my P38:Attachment 1259356
    I think it’s a German commercial proof. I believe it was used from the 20’s up to about 1940. Not 100% on the dates. What is it on?

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    Amazing deal, congrats!The guy about gave it away.I thought I got some good deals but havent seen one that cheap for many years,do you mean by loaded , the guy was rich or drunk?The gunshops you priced it at sound like they wanted you to sell it to them for that ,they cant buy them for 175.00 and wont sell them for 300.00 everyday, dont believe it.Anyway just in case, I would call them and tell them to contact you next time one comes in!
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    He was pretty wealthy. Had some killer daggers as well as the nicest SS dagger I have ever seen. Has had most for about 30 years.

    I did buy one of those P38 holsters that came out of Eastern Europe and have been reconditioning the leather. Nice rig for $450 total

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    Wow!I would mow his grass for free and tell him if he ever wants to move more of his stuff to give you first chance!Yeah I bought several of those holsters,good deal,dry from storage but like you say they can be reconditioned,mine are coming out nice.Oh yeah and a great rig for 450.00!
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