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Article about: Also guys, this one, only picture I have but I have its description: DOT 1944 K98 rifle manufacturer Waffen Werke Brunn Ag excellent Kriegsmodell having all stamped fittings, dot marked rece

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    Hi and welcome, lovely looking rifle

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    very nice , what the skull means? and are thouse matching numbers?

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    All of these are very nice. I have a decent one and a beat up one. One day i post them.

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    Oks ; The stock was a gew98 stock that was modified to 98k dimensions. It looks right from the pics. Does it match the rifle and if so what are the markings on the barrel & receiver.
    As a sidenote the stock was originally from an Amberg made gew98.

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    When in the heck did you buy this amazing gun for $40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I bought (10) 98k Mausers from this of mine in Norway, $40 a peace (I bought all the 98k he had)! And was very lucky, happy and surprised to find an ss marked rifle. That was just pure luck Visor cap collector that does not come around very often!!

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    oks ; Any chance you would post pics of barrel top, side and bottom. I ask for if the action is original to the stock it will have some unique markings to include the date when it was rebuilt as a 98k for the SS. I have seen stocks exactly like yours in fantastic condition turn up on imported 98k's with it's original action long gone.

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