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K98 parts in the UK?

Article about: Hi Guys, I have a couple of K98's (DeAc's) and I am looking for some spare parts for them.At the moment I am looking for a bolt body with the kranked down lever. It seems the only place to g

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    Wasn't being negative, just merely stating what is and isn't possible unless someone out there has a spare deact bolt about. By all means yes a dealer could get the required parts for you, but after import costs, dealer expenses and deact work etc you might as well have bought another K98, swap the bolt and sell it back on and get most of your money back... Just my opinion of course, but not trying to be negative.

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    I was being negative. I think Brian will not be able to get what he is looking for, and thought I should say so. However, he might get lucky and by all means he should try. I certainly hope I am mistaken and he can indeed find this item.

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    Default K98 Bolt Joy!

    Hi Guy's,

    Thanks again for the input. Raskantik has one and there are 4 on Evilbay (From Norway) and I have had a nice response from Chris Smith.So fingers crossed I may get lucky!

    Thanks again to all who responded.


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