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K98 Questions

Article about: Thanks, I might have something here, I've always wanted one, and thanks for the link.

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    Thanks, I might have something here, I've always wanted one, and thanks for the link.

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    Quote by bowlin7178 View Post
    Thanks, I might have something here, I've always wanted one, and thanks for the link.
    You did indeed do well sir. As stated you have a Waffen Werke Brunn mauser made in 1944. Has the late stamped and welded front barrel band and rifle does appear in fairly decent shape. Price has been increasing for R/Cs and mixmatchers lately so for $250 you did well indeed. Worth at least $450 in my book. I suggest you put the pics on Gun Boards Forum mauser Kar98k section as there are many knowledgeable collectors on that site. Thanks for showing

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    I've got a DOT 1944, too! Mine doesn't cycle well unfortunately...

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    Ive actually done very well with Century Arms C&R firearms; several years ago I purchased a K98 from them and when I received it it turned out to be a 1940 Model with the makers code of "42" and all serial numbers including bolt were matching, one small screw was replaced but the rest was all original to the rifle-paid $100.00. a week ago I ordered a M95 from them that was suppose to be a "parts" rifle and thats what I needed if for as I have a M95 that needs a stock. When this arrived it was a complete rifle and though it shows use; the stock, bolt and all major parts are again matching to the rifle. I paid $69.00 for this one and it's too good for a parts rifle. Unfortunetely both rifles have the import marks on them. Most of the Russian import K98s are renumbered and reblued but they in my experience make great shooters.


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    Looks like an imported Romanian used K98. These came here mostly matching, decent bores. I've got one but it's a DOU 44.

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    I think your right about it being Romanian, thanks!

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    Here's the DOU, I replaced the bolt with a correct late war bolt after I took these pictures. They're usually pretty good shooters
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture K98 Questions   K98 Questions  

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    One last thing, check the recoil lug and the wood surrounding it. These rifles took a lot of beatings so the wood can be bad. I've got to get mine fixed because I've recently discovered it was setting back.


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