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K98 Questions

Article about: Thanks, I might have something here, I've always wanted one, and thanks for the link.

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    Default K98 Questions

    Hey guys, just picked this up at a yard sale , I know nothing about K98's so i'm asking the experts, I thought I couldn't go wrong for 250, so, what do I have here, an old import, or a Russian capture, or neither? thanks in advance for you opinions. What's it worth?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture K98 Questions   K98 Questions  

    K98 Questions   K98 Questions  

    K98 Questions   K98 Questions  

    K98 Questions   K98 Questions  

    K98 Questions   K98 Questions  

    K98 Questions   K98 Questions  

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    well it has locking screws for the base plate ,,and i dont see any electo stenceling , so as long as it does not have an X stamped on it anywhere then
    i think it is safe to say it is NOT russian capture,
    cheers ian

    allthough with a closer look i see that the waffenamts , and proof eagles have been pinged over , so im not sure at all , this is an odd one

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    Well,assuming it has a decent bore and is shootable,it is mostly matching,and an old import,I would say worth about 7-800 dollars...JMHO....Pete.

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    Barrel has the import markings - so a post war import and not Russian capture. Waffen Werke Brunn used the dot code. Try a quick trip to the web site Late War . com for more info on your example. Value is subjective but the 200 to 300 range seems right. If it is some kind of rare late war manufacture it might be worth more - I'll let the experts weigh in. It is not all matching. NH

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    You will probably find a Waffenamt under the sight that has not been pinged over. NH

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    Default Re: K98 Questions

    Thanks for all your help, the bore looks beautiful, I think i'll go out soon and put a few rounds down range.

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    Importers mark is Century Arms International, St Albans Vermont - established in 1961.



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    I have one imported by the same company. Bore is nice on mine too. I may have been off on the value so let others chime in. Enjoy this great and historic weapon! NH

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    Read the thread below the ad,these sold out very fast.....Russian Capture K98 Rifles.

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