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K98 s/27

Article about: Cheers guys, the fact it's got VoPo marks makes it even better for me, love the history of the cold war, Berlin wall etc. etc.

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    Default K98 s/27

    I've just got this K98 in but had a few queries. It's an S/27 made by Erma, 1937 but the stock is missing it's stock disk. Does this point to it having being restocked after the war? It has an X stamped into the receiver, is this a Russian capture stamp? Very few Waffenampts on it, only on the front band and rear sight. Markings on the bottom of butt look like 9023 and a small square with K8 or K9 ???

    The sling doesn't have the metal buckle...

    Any ideas on the receiver markings?

    Thoughts overall, the wood looks better in real life, the flash in pics make it look worse. It was pretty cheap so no worries, I like it, just keen to work out a bit of it's history.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture K98 s/27   K98 s/27  

    K98 s/27   K98 s/27  

    K98 s/27   K98 s/27  

    K98 s/27   K98 s/27  

    K98 s/27  

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    Yes it's a Soviet capture-a 1937 made rifle wouldn't have the cupped butt plate-this indicates that the action has been restocked with a late war example stock as the bolt takedown disc was deleted from 1944 onwards, replaced with a hole in the buttplate as a cheaper option-the 'X' is also an indicator as well. Usually all or most parts will not have matching serial no.s as the Soviets were only interested in assembling a serviceable weapon, force matching major parts where required. Yours also has a late war stamped upper barrel band (behind the bayonet lug) my example is similar but has the 'correct' buttplate for a 1940 receiver example.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture K98 s/27  

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    Looks nice Richard and if the price was right then why not my friend, even got the original sling

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    Nice rifle, really has that been there look.

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    It would appear that your rifle also has a couple of VoPo sunburst markings on the receiver ring

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    Nice rifle, I like it very much. As said, an RC, but still a nice rifle and they are drying up and prices are skyrocketing on K98's. If you can't get a vet bring-back, then an RC is the next best thing. An RC proves it was 1) authentic German made, 2) WW2 era, and 3) used in battle.

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    Interesting looking 98.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Yep just like member lithgow states. Re stocked but this is still a treasure in my book. Early pre war 98 that had a fine finish and the gothic lettering I noticed when it left the factory. These R/Cs are going for better money at gun shows and collectors paying usually close to five hundred in any half way decent condition. Thanks for sharing.

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    Nice really early K98 definetly went into Russia maybe even Poland, France and back and was surplus out after WW2 to Soviet Satellite possibly. Nice early rifle you don't see them swallowed up by attricitation the earliest I ever owned was 1938 it was very rough and the bore was about shot out after 7 years of war. timothy

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    What I like about these type of guns, is that they tell a story. Reworked, reissued etc, it all tells a tale.

    Cheers, Ade.
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